Call for Affiliates. Make Money By Referring People to Quote Roller

Quote Roller affiliating systemWith the latest release of our application, we have also added a new back-end system that lets us to start our affiliation program.

Do you like the Quote Roller app and feel your community will benefit from using it? Do you want to make some extra cash without much effort at the same time? Just write a blog post about Quote Roller and share a link to it with your friends and make 20% commission on the signups you refer. 

The process and terms are easy:

  • Contact us and say that you want to become an affiliate
  • We’ll generate a unique URL for you to use when attracting new customers
  • You distribute the URL along with some content via web
  • Once a potential user accesses QuoteRoller via your unique URL we’ll save the tracking code in their cookies for 2 weeks.
  • We’ll  send you email notifications once someone you referred signs-up and pays to use the application
  • Every 3 months we’ll  be sending you 20% of the money made on signups  from your referrals.

Referring users is easy. Here are a few tips that I’d suggest:

  1. Write a blog post about using the Quote Roller and include your unique link in it
  2. Add a suggestion to use the service among with a link on some forums and discussions
  3. Share some info about the app via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social network

Contact us now and become one of the first affiliates of Quote Roller. And, finally, below you’ll find some banners you may post across some blogs, forums, and other sites.

Quote Roller bannerQuote Roller banner
Quote Roller banner
Quote Roller banner
Quote Roller adv banner



I am a geek and co-founder of Quote Roller. I love building things from scratch and making work easier. You can ping me via twitter @mikitamikado

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  • Zhenya Delate

    I love QuoteRoller and wish to become an affiliate! I just closed my first deal using a proposal created by QuoteRoller, yay!

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Zhenya, we are happy Quote Roller helped you to close a deal! Many more to come I’m sure. Now it’s time for a great weekend :)

      Affiliates are coming, please give us some time to finish it up.

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