A winning combo – Quote Roller and FreeAgent

Looking for the perfect accounting compliment to Quote Roller? Then FreeAgent maybe the software for you. Ideal for freelancers and small businesses alike, FreeAgent is well worth considering if you fall into either of these two categories.

Its simple, with a great looking interface, FreeAgent is feature packed with multi-user support, time tracking and has automated billing to name but a few. FreeAgent is well worth looking at if you don’t have accounting software, or are unhappy with your current choice.

Integrate your contacts from FreeAgent straight into Quote Roller and create stunning proposals to win more business.

We’re now asking you, what further integration do you want to see with Quote Roller and FreeAgent. Add your comments here, or login in and submit them via our feedback system.


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  • http://twitter.com/wolfl Wolf Luecker

    I believe I was the first person to point you towards FreeAgent and I’m really glad that you made it a Partner App!

    As I pointed out in my initial suggestion, contacts import is good, but what I would really love to see is a way to combine QR’s proposals with FA’s ‘Estimates’. So you would create a proposal in QR and post it straight to FA’s Estimates. When it has been approved, you could then convert it straight into a FreeAgent project and start billing. That would produce a really useful workflow!By the way, if anybody is interested in giving FreeAgent a go, this link gives you a 10% discount for life: http://fre.ag/3wwldv5i. It’s part of their fantastic referral system, which rewards both the referrer and the referred user.

    • Mikita Mikado

      Hi Wolf,
      Yeah, you were the first person to suggest this integration. Here it is, “short version” :) We are definitely going to implement deeper integration features. Cheers!

      • Mrtszwu

        This would be very bery usful. I’ve been using FreeAgent for 2 years and now the business has grown I need QR to have full deep integration with FA. What timescales do you have with this?


  • Bruce Waltar

    Would love this integration as well – syncing up QR proposal into FA estimate and invoice.  

  • Dompitot

    Integrating the quotes with other packages is by far the most important integration requirement. When will quoteroller have this running for a CRM and/or FreeAgent? Or do they have to provide this function?

  • Info

    Please offer the facility to ’1 click’ and convert a proposal to an invoice within Freeagent.

    I have tried Freshbooks integration and the way you can do the above with this service is excellent..

    Please provide the same for Freeagent as this accounts package in 100 times better than Freshbooks.

    For the time being I suppose we will have to double input:0(

    • raisononline

      +1 – essential – will wait for this before using quoteroller

  • Ian Galloway

    I would love to use quoteroller with FreeAgent – however, I do not see any value. It appears all I can do is import contacts, is this the case? As others have mentioned, the ability to create and sync a FreeAgent estimate to a quoteroller “price” sheet would be a superb integration. Creating the nearly perfect workflow – and would make both products worth paying for.

    Is their any traction on this? I do not seem to see much response from the staff a quoteroller

    • http://sashakovaliov.com/ Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Hi Ian, the plans to improve the integrations are in our roadmap. We are currently prioritizing the addons upgrades based on clients feedback and usage. We’ve beefed our team up, and the things are going to roll quicker now. Thanks for the feedback!

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