Here and Now! Introducing Podio Integration!

Quote Roller is happy to introduce our integration with Podio
Podio is an amazing online work platform that brings together all the software tools a company needs: Project Management, Product Development, Collaboration, CRM, Social Intranet, and even Recruiting. No need to spend all this money on disparate software any more! Plus, it’s fully customizable: every team member can structure his or her own online space the way they want.

As always you can access your integration in the “Integrations” tab of the “Settings” menu. Once you choose to enable integration with Podio, you will be redirected to their website. After you login, you will have the option to grant your Quote Roller account access to your Podio contacts.

Now you can sync and save so much time!

Are there any other parts of Podio that you would like your Quote Roller account have access to? Let us know and we will make it happen!

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  • Bruce Allen

    This appears to only be contact importing again. Unless it actually integrates the quote into the proposals for the client then its next to useless and wrong to call it integration. Love to hear I am missing something as I believe it has potential….

    • Quote Roller

      Hello Bruce, We’re working on Podio app but the API is quite limited. Please stay tuned. Serge

      • darren

        I agree with Bruce  comment above unless you can get the quote to appear in the lead management section of Podio or  where you can add it a s a file direct from quote roller its hardly  an integration.
        I know its early days keep up the good work.

        • Quote Roller

          Hi Darren,

          We’ve just released a new version and will post a Podio app to the marketplace soon. Please stay tuned.


  • Alexander


    When adding a proposal it creates a “file” inside the podio quoteroller app.

    When the proposal is accepted, it creates a new “file” in the podio app.

    Are you working on a integration where it just updates the file?

    Whats best practice on using the integartion?

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