Integration with Xero – the world’s easiest Accounting system

All you need to run your business is Quote Roller and Xero. When you think of accounting software, what normally comes to mind is dread and dismay. Not anymore – with a slick interface and killer features, you’ll wish you switched to Xero a long time ago.

The dashboard provides a clear overview of your companies financial health at that very moment. Tabs for Accounts, Reports, and Adviser offer simple to follow actions, that are backed up with great instructions on how to use all the features. Sync Xero with your bank to reconcile accounts and stay on top of your finances. Now you can sync Quote Roller as well and import your contacts your Xero contacts.

Looking for tighter integration with Quote Roller? Then let us know how we should further develop Xero with Quote Roller. Add your comments here or send via our Feedback system.

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  • Aleem

    Can you convert an approved quote into an invoice or directly transfer the key info / data?

    • Mikita Mikado

      Unfortunately not at the moment. However, we plan on implementing this. 

  • Peter Lien


    • Mikita Mikado

      QuickBooks is already on our roadmap. is a good idea, we may add it later 2012

  • Robin Blandford

    Can you have quotes turn into invoices?

    • Quote Roller

      You cannot now, but we’re planning to implement this.

  • Krystal F

    Can you sync the service fields, descriptions and costs with Xero?

    • Quote Roller

      Unfortunately you can’t now. But I’ve added this to our to-do list.

  • @ajohngibson

    Hi, great to see you guys integrating with Xero. What are the current benefits of the integration? I don’t appear to be able to convert a Quote Roller quote to a Xero invoice. How long before this will be possible? Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, John

    • Quote Roller

      We’ve added a new page about Xero Integration – We’re planning to implement “Convert to invoice” feature in new releases. We already have this for Freshbooks and planning to do it the same way for Xero. 

  • Andrew

    I don’t get the point of the integration with Xero if it doesn’t actually push quotes as invoices into Xero. Further, if you add contacts into Quoteroller, its soesnt push them into Xero.

    Once this is done (if ever), then this might be a option for us.

    • Quote Roller

      Hello Andrew,

      I’m not sure that pushing contacts from Quote Roller to Xero is what all users would expect. Converting proposals to invoices is coming soon in the next version.


  • Josh

    It would be great to have further integration with Xero: 1. 2 way contact syncing – I’m a +1 with Andrew’s comment. If I need to create a quote for a new customer, I don’t want to have to create it in Xero first, or afterwards to reconcile the invoice. 2. Catalogue sync with Xero Inventory – add extra fields like purchase price, purchase account and have two way syncing for products to reduce double handling. This will help generate data for profit/loss statements in xero.

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