Vote for a CRM we should integrate with

What CRM integration are you missing in Quote Roller?
Please tell us what applications do you think we should integrate the Quote Roller with. Missing your app in the list below and can’t vote? Just post it in a comment to this blog post.

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I am a geek and co-founder of Quote Roller. I love building things from scratch and making work easier. You can ping me via twitter @mikitamikado

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  • Chris


  • Jdigiorgio

    Add ConnectWise Please

  • Tabish

    Please add Solve360 by Norada!!

  • Dan Brady

    Highrise :)

  • Paul

    Solve 360 for sure!!

  • Evdwaard

    Batchbook :)

  • Trichmond

    How about ConnectWise!

  • Nandhini M

    Agreed that its a good concept, can be interesting to read some of the things people
    get up to all over the world.

  • Nandhini M

    Nice work done… thanks a lot…

  • Lancetully


  • Jr

    Please integrate with PipelineDeals. Great (G-Apps integrated) CRM system. 

  • Stuart Hall

    We use pipelinedeals, please!

  • Brian


  • Robert Kennedy


  • Bill Doyle

    I agree by far…Solve360 by Norada just leaves the others for dead and will be the future in CRM

  • Bill Doyle

    Without a shadow of a doubt…Solve360 by Norada. It leaves all the others that claim to be a proper crm for dead.

  • RKCS Learning


  • Buc Shot


  • Jake

    Highrise for sure!

  • Chris01`

    Would love to see ConnectWise.

  • Tero Rinne

    Batchbook and/or Nimble.

  • Damian

    Another vote for Solve360!

  • Guest

    Affinity Live integration would be great. Thanks

    • Quote Roller

      Shhh, we’re working on this ;) You will hear about this soon.

    • Gabe Cuevas

      Hope you read our latest blog post! It’s getting amazing reviews!

  • Rokenn


  • Allen Jaffe

    Please add Pipelinedeals…

  • Lawrence

    FLG360…   Its the best lead handling and conversion software available!!

    Please integrate with this.

  • Mark Armstrong


  • Schoijett

    How about integrating to pipelinedeals?

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Thanks for all the suggestions. Keep ‘em coming. We are listening and we’ll be adding most popular ones in the next batch of updates.

  • Sandra

    Solve 360 definitely

  • Scott

    Connectwise would be great!

  • Ryan Erickson

    Connectwise please

  • Kyle Sorenson

    Solve 360!!! Solve 360!!! Solve 360!!!!!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

    • JohnCushman

      Hey Kyle, how long have you been using Solve360?

  • Jose Ureña

  • 49ideas

    Batchbook please

  • JohnCushman

    Please, Please, Please integrate with Solve360!!!!

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