New Catalog and Pricing Table

After a month of hard work we are happy to announce an update for the pricing table you were all asking for. Finally, we have addressed a number of highly anticipated features.

Catalog now has categories and settings, where you can edit time rules which pricing items are based on. The pricing table now has a new layout, which supports multi-currencydiscounts and taxes. Now, lets dig in to the details.

categories in catalogFirstly, we added categorization to the catalog. Now your Products, Services and Subscriptions can be nicely grouped.

Say, for a web agency business, you can organize your catalog in to Design, Programming and Search Engine Optimization, etc.

Next, we listened to your feedback and decided to add some flexibility to let you determine what kind of time rules are appropriate for your business when calculating your costs. By default we had “per hour”, “per day”, and “per month” for services. However, due to high demand, we decided to allow custom time rules. With the latest release of the application we made it possible to change those values to, pretty much, anything. Screenshot below displays what this functionality is.

catalog settings

Now you can add your own values in item's time rules


Another big progress made on the application is the introduction of discounts. With this release of Quote Roller, we made it possible to discount the entire pricing table. However, adding per-item discounts is also on our todo list. It would be nice to get an email from you to in case you need this feature. Below you’ll see discounts functionality that is already there:

Catalog Discounts

Discount entire proposal

UK, Australia and Canada Friendly Taxes

UK-friendly quoting applicationThanks to the feedback from coming from UK and Canada we were also able to rework the way we handle taxes. Now pricing table can either be built with per-line taxes, or with a total tax added underneath the total.

Last, but not least, an update to mention is the support of multi-currency quoting. This may come handy in case your company is in international business. The workflow is quite simple. You can choose pretty much any currency when quoting a client.



I am a geek and co-founder of Quote Roller. I love building things from scratch and making work easier. You can ping me via twitter @mikitamikado

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  • Emin Gurbuz

    Hi Mikita,

    Thanks for all of the perfect improvements.

    QuoteRoller became our hands and foot! 

    Keep up the good work.

    Emin Gurbuz, Istanbul, TURKEY

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Emin! We’ll keep rocking. 

  • Glenn Brzuziewski

    Per item discounting would be great!

    thanks for the continued good work.

  • Gbplanet34

    Yes, per item discounts would be very good.
    thanks for the continued good work.

  • Necati

    So, is “discount per item” available yet?
    I am trying to make a decision between a few apps and I would like to know.

    • Quote Roller

      They are available. Please check them out.

  • Jane

    Hi Mikita,
    Now we need to be able to have one product that you can select different prices depending on the time rule instead of having to have separate entries for per/hour, per/day, per/week etc. when it’s just one product/service. Are you looking into this? Thanks!

    • Quote Roller

      I think we will add it some point, we got similar requests from other users.

  • Darren Player (Grub Stub)

    change the order of services, products and services appear  i.e. the ability to move items  up or down in the category list.  when will this be implemented?

    • Quote Roller

      It’s not there but we’re planning this in new versions.

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