Important discussion about our Pricing Model

Quote Roller is turning 1 year old! Over 100.000 proposals have been sent. Over half a billion US dollars of business have been proposed and almost $100mln accepted.

Now we have a decent amount of people using the app. Many of our customers thank us for getting their acceptance rate grow 20%. Others are tremendously happy for all those hours saved creating, sending and processing sales proposals. Based on the feedback we save at least 45 minutes on one sales proposal comparing to traditional work in word processors.

We help to sell more, faster. And we are really happy for it.

Here are the results of our work over the last year:

Quote Roller Proposals Infographic

Click the image for full size

To iterate faster and achieve a better pace we need to change our pricing model. We’ve been trying existing plans and pricing for a year and now it is clear that we have to change it in order to be able to grow the business. Basically it boils down to this… We need to support our current development team and continue to add support staff to assist new and existing users. As you grow, we grow and so we grow together!

We love our customers, we love what we do and want to continue doing it at even better pace.

We want Quote Roller to have a fair price for your business.  This is why we would like to get your feedback on the new pricing model, and see which direction we should head.

Future pricing model will differentiate plans based on the features and team members. “Professional” plan will target freelancers (only one user per account) and have all the features of current “Basic” plan plus custom domains.  Proposal limits on all the plans will be lifted up.


New pricing. Please note new features in the tab. Those will be included in the plans.

When will it take place?

We plan to introduce the new pricing on October 1st (one year since we started to charge for Quote Roller).

Many of you are anticipating the changeover, but we promise to make it as seamless as possible.

Our existing professional and enterprise users can stay on current pro and enterprise plans as long as they want. That means no price change for all existing users who are on Professional or Enterprise plan at all. 

 And, if you were thinking to upgrade, the best time to do it is by October 1st. That way you’ll pay less for what will be more expensive

Basic users will be eligible for a 50% discount prorated for 12 months, which will help to align new and old prices.

With described above price change we can promise significant product evolution over the next year. There is a number of features scheduled to release.


In addition to features mentioned in plans we also have following features scheduled in the pipeline:

  1. Mobile version of the application. We are talking about not just an iPhone app. We want to get full version of Quote Roller to work on any mobile device;
  2. Integration with more third party applications;
  3. Online payments.

We want Quote Roller to provide as much value to your business as possible. Operating for a year we were able to calculate some metrics, which helped to guess the value. We plan to double it over the next year.

  • Average Quote Roller user creates around 16 proposals a month. This is at least 12 hours saved monthly, which saves around $650 (an average B2B salesman costs around $54/hr nowadays);
  • Clients of our clients love Quote Roller. Quote Roller makes it easy for buyers to handle, discuss and accept sales proposals you send.  This is priceless.

Now, this post is an open conversation. We want to hear your voice. We trust you and want to help your business with great software.

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  • Wouter

    Sounds great! Nice to see that you keep adding features. Still one question… we currently use QR with 3 users. In the near future, we would like to use the API, so we can connect our self built backoffice system to it. But will this be possible with our license, as API access is only listed in the 6+ user version? 

    • quoterollermikita

      Wouter, you’d need to go Enterprise once you decide to integrate via API. Would that be a deal-breaker? The app will get better. Much better ;)

      • Wouter

        Hi Mikita. We have an enterprise license at the moment (in the current pricing model). Will our current Enterprise license become a new Enterprise license? Or do we have to convert our current Enterprise to a new Enterprise license (and pay 6x 29,99?) in order to use the API? Can you explain this?

        • quoterollermikita

          In order to use the API you’ll need $29 x 6 license. However, you’ll be able to remain on 69.99 license for 5 users without API as long as you wish. 

        • quoterollermikita

          Wouter, according to proposed pricing model you’d need to upgrade to new Enterprise if you need the API. What in your opinion is a fair price if you were offered the API?

          • Wouter

            99 Dollar would be a fair price I think. The new pricing model isn’t right I think. We, as a small IT company (with a staff of 10 employees) have only 2 or 3 sales employees. So it is quite strange if we have to pay for 6 users for just having the right to use the API.

            The other 2 features (template design assistance and a dedicated account manager) aren’t import for us.

            So the best solution would be to just add the API to the ‘Team’ plan. Larger companies (with more that 6 sales employees) will probably benefit from features like the dedicated account manager and so on. And this construction (with API being added to ‘Team’) won’t also harm your income, as larger companies always have to pay for each user.

          • quoterollermikita

            Wouter, what do you think about this pricing: ??

          • Wouter

            That looks far better!

  • quoterollermikita

    Hi Diane,
    How do we get more people from your company to use it? 

    • Diane

      Use isn’t the issue just size of team that would use it. Is there an option to add API feature to the others?

  • bjenkins

    Could be worth the higher cost with API’s to feed our back office and payment presentment options.  We have been looking at some other platforms due to some other functional issues we have. 

    Need some level of sales management tools and view filters, all reps seeing all proposals is an issue.  Manager can’t evaluate a single reps view, close rates and dollar amounts etc.  Sorting by dollar amount and age would be good for follow up.   
    We really need the ability to add just a section from a library of sections.  Need a way to set a bid expire date to kill the link when its created too much work to go back and disable or archive.  The dashboards always show overall total do not update to time period selected this means once you have a few hundred proposals in there the percentages barely change even if you have had a big change in view or close rate.We are saving time on each proposal but some of the above limitations have limited our ability to gauge what’s happening with cycles, with API maybe passing back the deal parameters to the CRM would solve sales cycle follow up issues.

    • quoterollermikita

      I can assure that we’ll have a certain level of permissions management soon. That will prevent all reps seeing each others proposals. 

      You requested many really cool features. Would you mind to submit to the forum?
      That way other users can vote for them. We release an update every week and try to take care of highly voted items from the feature requests forum. 

    • quoterollermikita

      What do you think about this pricing: ??

  • Scott Wolfe Jr

    Hi Guys – I hate to repeat previous comments, but when reading through the plans the API issue came to my mind immediately. There should be a reasonable way for companies without 6 users to access the API.  Perhaps, for example, with a $10 per month extra fee.

    That was my first thought. My second thought was that the $99 plan was quite rich, and a big jump from the $18.99 we now pay for 2 users.  To combine 2 user teams with 5 user teams is efficient from the perspective of keeping your pricing simple, but a 2 person team’s financial abilities are significantly different than a 5 person team.  

    Of course, you guys already know that this is a hefty price increase and have weighed what that means for your company. I really like your product and we will probably stick with it after the price increase.  We may, however, drop a user and go with the Professional Plan.  We would very much miss the reporting, but alas.

    My thoughts in sum:

    – Need API accessible to folks who don’t want to pay $179/mo for 6 users

    – Professional Plan maybe should be 1-2 users, with a 3-5 step-up.  $1200 per year is high for a 2 person team.

  • Springworks

    I am a basic user, the price plan is rather too high for us.  In fact we don’t have 100 proposal a month.We hope to have a basic plan for current basic user. Hopefully price remain. Thanks

  • Springworks

    I am a basic user, the price plan is rather too high for us.  In fact we don’t have 100 proposal a month.We hope to have a basic plan for current basic user. Hopefully price remain. Thanks

  • thewebsiteguys

    Yeah The API would be a real beatch… – I think that should be included in the middle version as we only have 2 users but really need our hands on the API at some point to speed up our process. 

  • Illya

    I am freelancer, I don’t write that many proposals every month. I singed up to your service since $9 for basic plan is good enough for few proposals I write. $9 per month is like 2 cups of coffee, I am willing to pay to have nice way to write my proposals. But $30 – is like my internet bill. 

    100 proposal is limit for Pro – I don’t need that many. With $30 per month for Pro plan, I will move to other alternatives. I also believe you loose numbers of initial sing-ins. 

  • Cord Blomquist

    I’d really like to have access to the library of text blocks without upgrading to a Team plan as I’m a single developer. Could this this be an upgrade for individual plans without going to the $99 level?

    • quoterollermikita

      Hello Cord, text block library would be available in the team plan only according to this pricing model. However, we are not set on this model yet. This is why we have this discussion :)

  • quoterollermikita

    Hi Illya, thanks a lot for your feedback. What if it would be 3 cups of coffee? :) Would you justify it?

  • Darrell

    I don’t understand why you would associate more features with the amount of people on a team. If I work by myself (at this time) but want enhanced reporting and text templates I would need to pay an additional $70 per month.

    That’s not appealing at all. You need to have an unpublished option for existing members to get these additional features for $10 to $20 more.

  • Marc

    As a QR prospect I have a question. if you triple the cost for a single user…what’s the benefit?

  • Clarence Day III

    I suggest keeping a free/ almost free option, but everything else looks good. 

  • Clarence Day III

    I suggest keeping an almost free option, however we will continue to use this service at the $99 price point. 

  • Dplayer

    i am currently a free user, if i take out professional before 1 oct will i stay on that price? or will i have a forced increase?

    • Quote Roller

      Yep, you’ll be grandfathered-in. 

    • Quote Roller

      Dplayer,You’ll remain on your existing plan. We’ll keep all of those who signed up or upgraded by Oct 1st on their existing plans.

  • GM

    Wait. You are cranking the price to $100.00 dollars a month? That’s one hell of a lot more than what we signed up for!

    I’ll think about it, but at $100 a month, I’ll be looking at alternatives.

    • Quote Roller

      GM, you are remaining on whatever plan and price you signed up for initially

  • Rosie Taylor

    At $29.99/month, I’m afraid that I’m out too.  As a freelancer, I don’t write 100 proposals a month and at $29.99 you’re costing more than my CRM.  Guess I’m back to finding another way to do my estimates and proposals using my current tools. I think it’s a huge jump to go from $9 to triple that amount. Disappointed.

    • Quote Roller

      All Basic users will get 50% discount prorated for 12 months. The price will be just $14.99 Would that be ok with you?

      • Rosie Taylor

        No, because it’s a temporary solution. Again, my CRM solution costs actually less per user than this product. I can’t justify that ongoing cost. We don’t do that many proposals in a month. I think you’re making a mistake by eliminating the $9 price point altogether. It would’ve made more sense to have something midway between basic and your new plan. I think you’ll see by the comments here that there are definitely more unhappy people than satisfied customers.

  • Paul

    My company just started to use your service.  We were going to go with Quote Robot but I liked the features of Quote Roller more.  For $10/month vs $30/month I will probably go with Quote Robot unfortunately.  I’d be willing to pay up to $15/month for a service that gives me the feature of your Pro package with up to 25 proposals or so.  Thank you.

    • Quote Roller

      Paul, thanks a lot for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

  • Frank

    I am just starting out with my freelance business. At the moment, I have used QR (Free Plan) to write 2 proposals in about 6 months time. As I do more advertising and get out there with the business, I’m sure that will pick up and I’d use the service more. Right now, $30/month would be a serious deal-breaker for me and I’d just resort to creating my own proposals in Word or another alternative. If you modified the Free Plan to be able to write up to 3 proposals a month, I’d stick with it and once the business grows I’d upgrade to the next plan. But for now, that would be too much for me to spend. Thanks for a great product!

    • quoterollermikita

      Thank you Frank, really appreciate your feedback.

      • Sales

        I think a plan “in between” $30 and $90 should be introduced. This will address so called “business middle class” and better reflect in the competitive environment, where we can find much more options for $90/months.

      • Nicholas

        There is a great feature which is still missing for 2+ users environment. Is it possible to introduce something which will allow to post comments, details, notes, even follow-up alarms next to each quote which could be visible only for our team members? We are having 50-100 quotes in progress and we are having a great trouble in communication between team members! We urgently require an option of keeping record of the negotiation progress next to the quote, not off line on a piece of paper. Is possible to add this simple feature? Thank you!

  • Samantha Gluck

    I think the new pricing is a bit too high as well because I’d need the team version and there’s just no way we can pay $99 per month. $29 a month for 2 -5 users would work, but we can’t pay the $99. I don’t think it would be advantageous for us to then go with the basic plan for $29 a month because we’re growing and will need other users to have access. 

    We pay $18.99 for the pro plan right now, but have other expenses as well (Scribe, FreshBooks, Premise) that we MUST have and MUST accommodate within our expenses because they’re essential to everyday operations. When we have to cut, we’ll have to cut QR and not these others. 

    • quoterollermikita

      Hi Samantha, how many users do you need to have on Quote Roller, say, in a month or two? Will that still be 2 users?

      • Samantha Gluck

        Yes, it would still just be 2 users. But after first quarter, may grow to 3 or 4. We’re concerned that we aren’t utilizing QR to an extent that would justify the cost increase; however, that may change in the future. Our business is growing at a very rapid pace. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed – like I can’t keep up with it. Our current new clientele has come to us — seeking us out, so we haven’t even needed to court them with formal proposals, but I realize this is an anomaly and things are likely to change in the future.

      • Damion McNaught

        The flow of comments is biased at the moment with customers that feel let down. There are three customer sets created by your communication.

        1. disgruntled – a feeling of being let down because so many SMEs do not have “sales people” as such. They are not using your app to save on the cost of “sales people”, they are using it to improve functionality, reuse of data, integrate with other apps and present a professional, cutting edge method of proposing to their customers.

        2. Ambivalent – these customers will see the logic hidden in your message that basically to take the business forward you need to adjust your pricing. Actually, the standard for niche web apps seems to have started say three years ago at $9 – $29 per month for a single user. I have noticed the price trend upwards for these services in recent times as competition in niches has hotted up requiring much more investment in development to provide richer functionality and better integration. $49 – $99 per month for access to good apps is becoming more than as trend.

        3. Silent assasins. There are definitely a group that will leave and bag this strategy. They will not tell you why but that could be obvious.

        I was impressed with the email newsletter format as it painted a pretty rosy picture for what really came down to a proposal of your own to existing customers – change or else. No, of course that wasn’t the intention. You wanted them to see the sense in your thinking. However, like all good deals the features and benefits for the changes have to be very clearly articulated. And customers will not like the idea that they are being called on, in a roundabout way, to invest in your business growing. They expect business angels will do that for you.

        So I think you should quickly reset the message – quoteroller will survive for you but we need your help. That way you can take the customers on the journey with you.

        Damion McNaught

  • Info

    I do not write enough proposals to justify the dollar amount in any of the plans offered. I also agree completely with Illya

  • Courtney

    Please give all features to Pro and team and just make 1 plan at 29/month.

    It’s a bit harsh to cut features like this… Especially if you’re paying 29/month for a proposal too where your CRM / ERP solution is the same cost.

    • quoterollermikita

      Thanks Courtney, we are currently exploring various options. At the same time, be sure if you upgrade now, you’ll have all the futures of your current plan. 

  • Ruth Cheesley

    Sounds fine but we would need clarity on exactly what would be restricted without API access.  We’re a small team with 2 people managing quotes, but the only reason we use Quoteroller is because of its integration with Affinity Live.  If this required us to have the top level plan, it would not be feasible.  I guess more clarity is required on this element before we could decide.

    • quoterollermikita

      Hello Ruth,

      No integration features will be cut in new pricing. Besides, you’ll remain on your existing plan, so no worries. 

      API is what companies, who want to integrate with Quote Roller, will need to use. Say, if you have an internal system, that is what you’ll use to integrate that system. 

  • kevin rossiter

    You’re going to lose me with the suggested price structure.

    Only 2 of us generate proposals – and now the price suddenly leaps from 30 usd to 100 usd.

    Not right for us.

    I don’t mind paying a bit more but I’d expect to see better text editing features.

    I’ve sent suggestions in, and got fobbed off with unwelcome replies tactfully explaining “why I’m wrong”.

    If more income gets better features, then that’s reasonable.

    But I’d like to see a genuine feature-hike for my money, not just a disguised greed-hike.

    Companies are already springing a lot extra for SAAS products, compared with 2 years ago.

    You have to view yourselves not just in the context of what you deliver, but:

    > how much of a firm’s monthly saas spend you’re taking

    > how many competitors will emerge very soon, to emulate your success – at lower prices.

    (look at accounting saas software for example, or CRM)

    fyi we generate technical proposals – we don’t use the inventory-related features.

    fyi the time-saving benefits haven’t been that much for us. 

    We see QR as helping us perfect our proposal style and content, rather save time. 

    Because our proposals are technical documents, they still need significant amounts of original writing and modification. 

    Maybe we’re not the sort of customer you had in mind when you started.

    I’m not an unhappy customer – just plain-speaking.

    • quoterollermikita

      Hello Kevin,

      Thank you for detailed feedback, really appreciate it. Just to make sure you’re aware, all existing users (including you) will remain on existing plans and no existing features will be cut. 

      I really like your observation. We have this thread as an open conversation and will do various tests for our pricing model based on your feedback. 

      Thank you. 

      • kevin rossiter

        mikita said 
         ”all existing users (including you) will remain on existing plans”

        I like good news ;-) I’d also like to see a thread on the proposed new features, particularly 3rd party integration.Which apps? When?Is there a thread on this I’ve missed?

        • quoterollermikita

          we are working on it ;)
          coming next in the following newsletter

  • quoterollermikita

    Thank you Frank, really appreciate your feedback. 

  • quoterollermikita

    All Basic users will get 50% discount prorated for 12 months. The price will be just $14.99 Would that be ok with you? 

  • quoterollermikita

    You’ll remain on your existing plan, so no worries. Please check the blog post. We’ll keep all of those who signed up or upgraded by Oct 1st on their existing plans. 

  • quoterollermikita

    Dplayer,You’ll remain on your existing plan. We’ll keep all of those who signed up or upgraded by Oct 1st on their existing plans. 

  • Chris

    Skipping to $99/mo for teams would be a huge deterrent for my team to use this or for me to recommend this to other small businesses – especially those with two on their team. (Hard to justify $99 for two people, but likewise a pain to do separate accounts to save money.)

    Unlimited proposals is cool, but I’d be willing to have a limit on the number of proposals to save some cash. We don’t send out a ton of proposals, so unlimited isn’t really a big bonus to us (25-50 is plenty), further making the price increase a big downer.

  • Alex Willis

    No one likes price increases, especially with what I would call little notice, I just so happened to stumble and see the message in the back end, I don’t think I even received an email with the new pricing?

    I suppose we can absorb the additional increase for the basic plan, but I will be looking at the competition first, for us integration into Xero is paramount which rules out most of the current competition.

    A few questions though, is there any more details you can provide on future upgrades in terms of when you hope to release, and also what integrations you have in the pipeline.

    1. Mobile version of the application. We are talking about not just an iPhone app. We want to get full version of Quote Roller to work on any mobile device;
    2. Integration with more third party applications;
    3. Online payments.

    Also a breakdown of the new features which you have included in the new pricing? Am i going to loose any of the functionality im already paying for?



    • quoterollermikita

      Alex, you won’t loose any features nor you’ll have to pay more. You’ll be able to stay on existing plan with existing feature set.

  • Marc

    but Rosie, this is just for 12 month…
    after this we will all have to pay $360.- a year…
    instead of $89.-
    How can you justify for a 300% price increase?
    What the advantages for ME?

    ps: I’ve asks this but didn’t get an answer.

  • Jeanne

    I don’t write anywhere near 100 proposals per month… I am on the Basic Plan and thought the old price was very fair and fitting for my needs. Your new rates feel like a gouge and I really don’t need all that the Professional plan offers. I guess I will also have to look elsewhere or go back to doing this manually. Such a shame. I had just found you guys a few months ago.

    Another point – I thought LONG and HARD before I decided to signup with your service originally. I knew that once I started using it, I would be tied to you for a long time. I feel like you have taken advantage of this dependency. $30/per month is more than triple what I am paying now. While you may feel you can justify the price with all that you offer for it, I DON’T NEED all that! That’s why I got the Basic plan in the first place.

    • quoterollermikita


      You’ll remain on the old Basic plan as long as you want. No need to go elsewhere. You’ll be able to stay on your existing “Basic” plan as long as you want so no worries.

  • Assis Ngolo

    My honest opinion is:
    1. My business has only 2 users on quoteroller and I feel the need to add more when necessary, but the cost for each user is really high.

    2. 20-50 proposals a month are enough for most businesses, so the unlimited proposals isn’t much of a value add.

    3. I believe that there should be a plan between professional and Team, that would have limited proposals, 2 users (1 account admin and one normal user), and charge about $45. Each additional user could cost the $30.

    Thank you

  • Brightbulb Media

    I see some flaws in your proposed pricing. First of all, the increase from $9 to $30 per month for the basic package is simply too much. Anyone who is currently paying $9 a month will almost definitely leave your service for one of your competitors if you increase their cost by more that 3 x. This includes myself, I simply won’t pay that much for your service.

    Secondly, the team pricing doesn’t make sense for people with 2 or 3 team members. In every other scenario in your new pricing table it is essentially $30 per month per user. If you only have 2 team members though you have to pay $50 per team member, and even with 3 team members you have to pay $33 each.

    One of my other big concerns with your proposed pricing table is that functionality is essentially based on number of users, rather than how much people pay per user per month. Why would I want to pay $30 per month for a professional package, when an enterprise user gets so much more functionality for the same $30 per user per month?

    How about trying something like a two teared pricing scheme, instead of three. The first tear would be $15 per user for up to three users and include all the features of your proposed “professional” level, and the second tear would be $30 per user for 4+ users and include all of the features listed in your “enterprise” service level.

    • quoterollermikita

      Love your feedback. We debated an alternative very similar to what you offer. I agree this is a good idea.

  • Yoeri

    With this price settings you gonna lose us too. It’s not right to have pricing x3. When we started using quoteroller, it was a decision on the long term. At least, as long as the pricing was reasonable for 2 users and avg of 10/20 quotes a month. This is just not a fair deal. Pitty. I was a fan.

    • quoterollermikita


      Don’t worry, we are thinking to grandfather-in existing Basic users too. This is an open discussion. Lets find a compromise.

  • Peter Dietrich

    I love it! I think it’s fair and scalable. Compared to other cloud services out there such as Zendesk and 37 signals QuoteRoller is a great solution and fairly priced. I pay about $150 for the full suite of 37 signals and about $300 for my helpdesk on Zendesk. Still way cheaper then I could build or buy and support myself.

    We have about 8 users which will create quotes and proposals at about 5-10 per week. I would suggest leaving the Enterprise pricing per user at 30 each and based on the other feedback dropping the Team rate a bit. Folks need to realize the overall savings here though, You are getting an app with NO infrastructure costs, annual software support costs and a solid team of energized developers behind it making it what their customers are asking for (that’s rare to get this level of input and access to them). I challenge you to go out there and find that (or build it) cheaper. Throwing in iPad support and access from anywhere. Great deal.

    I’ve been doing word and excel quotes for 18 years and my customers love this alternative so far. I am exciting to see where the product will be next year. Anchor Technologies is committed to Quoteroller now and as it grows!

    Peter Dietrich, CTO

    • quoterollermikita

      Peter, thanks a lot for your comment! I really appreciate it, pleasure to work with you guys!

  • Adrian

    I have just started with you last month. Frankly, your pricing was too low. Your platform is as good or better than the competition, and your pricing was significantly undervaluing your service. I think your new pricing is fair (though I suspect a plan between Professional and Team seems reasonable).

    However, your offer to grandfather in existing member is MORE than fair. I will be upgrading today; happy to pay a fair price for an exceptional product.

    • quoterollermikita


      Thank you very much, appreciate your support!

  • Laura

    My vote is that this new pricing is too high for me also. I would be among those who would have to go elsewhere if this pricing were applied to my account.

    As Samantha pointed out, there are other expenses and besides I don’t use this tool that often.

  • Jake

    I’m currently on the basic plan and it works great for me. Affordable, perfect amount or proposals per month and of course, it’s a huge time saver. However, if the price were to increase I don’t think I would be able to keep our subscription as QR is more of a luxury than a necessity for our business.

    • quoterollermikita

      Jake, no worries, you’ll stay on your existing Basic plan and nothing is going to change. Plz check the mention in post, big yellow thing :)

      • John Carvalho

        I certainly hope so. I do not appreciate the notion of a 300% increase after taking the time to set up and rely on your software. We are very light users and can barely justify the $9 per month. Any higher cost and we’ll have to discontinue use.

        The idea of an increased cost is insulting really. Basic users have little to no affect on your costs.

  • Momentum

    I don’t mind the new pricing structure – this is a very valuable tool.

    • quoterollermikita

      Thank you!

  • Jake

    These price changes are not very smart. Even large companies don’t send hundreds of proposals per month, so differentiating by # of proposals and offering unlimited sends is not important. Also, you should not require a minimum number of users for the team and enterprise plans. If a small business needs the features of the team plan, but only has one sales person, why should they have to purchase an extra license that they aren’t going to use? This is the number one reason we rule out SaaS vendors at our company (if they have rigid minimum user requirements).

    • quoterollermikita

      Jake, thanks for the suggestion. May I ask you to email me to mikita at qr so that I can send you few alternative ideas on pricing?

  • SugarToys

    i dont know if someone ask this or anwser already but seems a lot read, too many comments hahaha sorry about that. we are starting for the basic plan $8.99 but what about we need more porposals? i guess after Sept we wont be able to switch to $18.99, our option will be move to $29.99 right? if so i guess then our option is move right now to $18.99 and be proactive even we are not gonna use those many proposals. Correct me if im wrong, here im just been honest, i want to know what our best and logical option is. thnx for involve the community on this decision, i’m impressed :)

    • quoterollermikita

      Yep, upgrading now is the best option. With 18.99 you get not just more proposals but more users being able to access account (2).

      • SugarToys

        thnx for the respond :D

  • Nicholas

    QUOTE ROLLER is missing one important feature which is the option of quote numbering. This is a pain to find a reference to a particular quote when talking to a client with more than one quote issued. Would it be possible to add automatic numbering to the quotes?

    • quoterollermikita

      Actually we have quote numbering :)

      Do you want to display this data to the customer? If so, I think this could be easily done with either token or CSS snipped. Plz submit your question to our helpdesk. We’ll explain how this should be done (to you and other folks)

  • David

    Well – happy birthday to you. Odd marketing letter – ‘its our birthday please triple my charges’.

    Firstly we have no time saving benefits – we have always used custom quoting engines. Alos the responsiveness of the system has not been great for us, so we spend considerable time waiting for refresh screens.

    We have been using something third party for 2 years that cost $110 per month, but it was much more advanced than quote roller. With this other product we have been using, you got to manage the entire project, even with outsourced labour logging on iphone, and then invoice it, as well as export it to xero.

    Frankly we are small these days and we were prepared to do without the other stuff for a cost saving. If its the same price or similar…..we would prefer the other things.

    The other criteria is that our information needs to be secure, private and confidential. It concerns me that you are privvy to what I believe should be our confidential information. What else do you know and use about our individual businesses.?? you are quoting how many successful proposals there have been….. Is this really a secure personal service?

    The other system was housed in our building and only we had our data. This one is out there and you are quoting our figures back at us. hmmm.

    Whilst some of your clients may well be writing some big ticket proposals, not all have and will. Many freelancers and startup businesses wont, and when push comes to shove they will keep accounting software if funds get tight.. Its all about looking professional at affordable rates – this is what you offered, but are now removing.

    You would be best taking a dollar from everyman I would think. A model from Henry Ford and Steve Jobs.

    $100 for a 2 man crew is heavy if its a small company or a startup. If you are ignoring that market then fair enough. Thats your perogative.

    Our clients are still struggling with the interface. I have suggested a few things to make it more obvious and first time user freindly such as making the advance arrow a brighter colour and putting our logo and the contents panel to the left so as it looks like an control menu. At the moment it looks like some google ad placement over there on the right. I would still like to see this happen. I have 90% of clients just not getting it. Some we have had to just send the pdf to after they stared at a page with an intro for 10 minutes.

    Thats my 2 cents. Not unhappy, but if the price is $100 for 2 we would likely go back to our other system for more benefits, and would like some more confidence about privacy and security. I am ok to pay slightly more for a finished system, but not $100 for 2. At least not in the current market with every man and his dog wanting to convert to monthly charges.

    For $38 a month from Adobe you get 4.5 k of very advanced software accross 2 machines and ask yourself if $99 is fair for a quote only module.



    • quoterollermikita

      David, the system is cloud based so we can make a query on how many proposals are accepted and how many are not. Of course, this data is not 100% accurate because of test proposals and proposals we created ourselves.

      Regarding your privacy, don’t worry, there is nothing that we disclose. I don’t think the data above may harm your business.

  • Jonathan

    I had to read the thread to understand that I can remain on existing plan – you should have communicated that clearly to your customers. It is not obvious from your “release”

    A company that has 2 users (like mine) is always needing to reduce costs… I would actually expect that you are adding features to existing plans for free to entice customers to stay… and if you really need to recoup costs then try “bolt-ons” so people can pick and choose the additional parts they want.

    I’m on a basic plan with 2 users, and that is where I will stay. It is a good price. *but* if I was a first time user looking after 1st October and the cost was $99! I would hit the back button faster that you can say “googledocs!”

    • quoterollermikita

      Jonathan, thanks for the suggestion. Seems we have to think about an option for 2 users per account, many people suggest it.

  • Jay Eagleson

    Hey guys,

    First off, love the product. It saves me time and keeps me organized.

    I definitely feel the jump from $9 to $30 is not justified with the only added feature I’m seeing is more proposals that I won’t need, and the ability to customize a domain. I see myself staying with this basic plan as long as possible.

    That being said, I understand your business and that you need to put resources behind your product to provide updates at a faster pace. I’m not going to leave your product for $22/moth increase, so when the time comes and I’m forced to upgrade, I will do so. You get what you pay for.

    A feature I would LOVE to see that I run into all time with my pricing section is as follows: I almost NEED to be able to categorize an item as “Optional.” Far too many times have I created a proposal for a client, included all the bells and whistles, and had the client question the total price. It would be great if there was a way to have your items your selling in the proposal, but then have optional add on services that a client can opt in for. That would give me the flexibility I need and would help me justify the $30 pricepoint.

    Keep up the good work. I enjoy the product and appreciate you guys always updating.

    • quoterollermikita

      Jay, optional items is the next thing to do after block library. We are currently working on it (sketching it out).

      Thanks a lot for your feedback, really appreciate it.

      Btw, we plan on publishing the development roadmap so you’ll stay up to date with all the updates.

  • Kylie

    Hi, I am a new user to quote roller and do love the features. I think you have done a great job developing this program. I am trying to upgrade now but the system is not allowing me to?? Can I suggest you consider not just freelancers but partnerships. I think an option for 2 users is preferred for businesses like mine that are run as a partnership with 2 owners. Even if the professional team is to include 2 users not just 1.. can you please help me upgrade now – I want to take advantage of the current users price… thanks kylie

    • quoterollermikita

      Hi Kylie,

      There was a cut-off time of about a few hours while we were changing the merchant processor yesterday. Would you mind to try again? Should be fine now.

      Thanks for suggesting an option for 2 users. We’ll look into this.

  • Alphonse

    Hey there,

    Did you check on your customers about what they were willing to pay?

    It seems you defined your new pricing model thinking “hey we save time so we save money for our customers, they’ll be willing to pay $99 / mo”. Well except people don’t think this way, and there, you’ve got to compare yourself to others.

    1) You’re not the only one on this market. Even if you’ve got the best service (you really have!), I’m not sure people will be willing to pay 3 times more for something they’ll see as a similar service…
    2) You’re one of the many tools in a company. So when a company adopt QuoteRoller, they probably already use other things such as a CRM. So here is the thing: are people willing to pay more for their quote tool than for their CRM? The same would be true for their invoicing tool of course.

    With such pricing, you’re in the “Salesforce”-alike arena, whereas IMHO you should aim at the CapsuleCRM arena…

    That’s my genuine 2-cents, I don’t want to be “all-dark” but I’m afraid such a model would do more harm than good!

    Kind Regards

    • quoterollermikita

      Alphonse, thanks a lot for your comment. As mentioned above, this post is more of an open discussion. We want to know what you guys think, our decisions are based both on importance to be able to financially support QR and your feedback.

  • quoterollermikita

    Optional items are coming, more integrations to follow. And regarding the pricing, you’ll remain on current Enterprise plan, no worries.

  • quoterollermikita

    and integrations will be a part of all the plans

  • quoterollermikita

    Hi Ben, thanks for your opinion, very interesting point. We’ll think about making this more fair to smaller customers

  • quoterollermikita

    Hi Max,

    You can upgrade to Pro plan and be grandfathered in for as long as you want. Would that work for you?

  • quoterollermikita

    Hi Izzy, we’ll think about that. Agree that might be a good option.

  • quoterollermikita

    Hi Dan, thanks a lot for the suggestion, we’ll think about that. What do you think would be fair for “solo” plan?

    • Dan

      Without wanting to come off as ‘cheap’, the $8.99 price point seemed very reasonable for me. Quoteroller was the first service I actually sprung money for and I think you’d potentially be missing a lot of one-man freelance shops if you went up to $30 / month.

      I guess I’d even be fine if you limited the number of proposals to 5 / month and didn’t offer the option of a custom domain. Maybe that could be incentive for users to upgrade.

  • Andreas

    HI Team Quoteroller,

    Probably one of the earliest adopters and big advocate of your platform.

    Pricing should be very easy as Quoteroller keeps integrating with all CRMs as vital component.

    Here is what I propose:

    Includes “Almost” everything as I don’t like the idea of charging for different features. All Quoteroller accounts come with every terrific feature built.

    Unlimited Quotes
    Unlimited storage
    Full API access
    Native mobile apps
    Friendly phone & email support
    No contracts

    $12/user – this includes all features (no reason to limit the feature as users will continue to buy into the ecosystem that Quoteroller has built)

    Team access and collaberation – $5/user (this needs to be done at domain level)
    Customized templates – $150.00/template
    Integration to 3rd party apps not yet listed – based on progect

    This pricing will remove noise and tiered levels and will allow useage and buy-in faster from companies that should integrate.

    The analogy is simple – the more the user depends on it the more they will stay as it becomes too difficult to move away from.

    Good luck


    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Hi Andreas, thanks a lot for the suggestions and being our evangelist! “Almost everything unlimited” is in discussion as well.

  • Zhenya Delate

    I “liked” all the comments I agreed with so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Bottom line is that QR is an AWESOME app that I love and find very easy to use and useful, however I am just starting out in my business and would not be able to afford $29.99 or more per month at this time… that price would scare me off. I believe the current pricing is a fabulous deal, excellent in fact. I would not feel able to pay any more than $5 more for each plan level.

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Hi Zhenya! Thanks for the honest feedback regarding the pricing and “AWESOME”. Hope we won’t scare you off with new plans.

  • Fabian Bill

    At the moment, we pay $18.99, the new price plan is more than 5 times higher! and without api access. This is definitly to high and in this case, we will evaluate other systems! Sorry, but it isn’t a good idea to change price plan without to give some new features.

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Fabian, thanks for the feedback. What features would you like to see bundled to a new plan that’s suitable for you?

  • Ruth Cheesley

    I think people need more clarity exactly what is going to happen to existing subscribers. For example, we are currently on the ‘Professional’ plan which allows up to 2 users. If we’re grandfathered in, will this allow us to have up to five users (as in, we’ll be grandfathered in at Team level) or will we still be stuck with only 2 users?

    If I upgrade now to Enterprise it will cost me 70$ per month, but if we’re grandfathered in at Team level then we can have more users without upgrading.

    I guess what I’m saying is make the graphics clearer about what happens with your current customers and what they will and won’t be able to do, so that they can decide whether they need to pro-actively do anything with their membership levels before the migration.


    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Hi Ruth, that’s a great idea! A lot of feedback is coming and we are revising the options. This or early next week we will come up with a summary and a clear outlook.

      • Ruth Cheesley

        Great, for us we just need clarity on exactly what you mean by ‘you can stay on your current plan as long as you like’ – it isn’t clear what plan that would be, whether it means that we will become ‘Team’ level (up to five members) and can stay there as long as we like, or whether we stay on ‘Professional’ level (hence with only 2 members). Obviously we would need to know this before you transition to the new payment model.


        • Quote Roller

          You’d be able to stay on professional plan at $18.99 if you upgrade by October 1st.

  • Jeroen Jacobs

    It would be nice if there was an option to buy a pack of offer. Let’s say 10 offers for $10 (just as an example).
    I work as a freelancer next to my full time job. I more or less send out about 5 offers/year. As you can see $360 for that is a bit much. I know people like me wouldn’t bring in a lot of money like that, but it would be cool if you would support us too. :)
    Besides that you really have the best piece of software out there for this task!

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Jeroen, I agree with you – $360 for 5 offers per year is a lot. We’ll try to figure something out to keep our offer sweet for freelancers as well.

  • EJ Rojas

    I personally feel the freelancer is been forgotten here. I use QR once a month, I have no need for 15 quotes, or e-signature. What about the Freelancer Plan. Just $3.99 a month up to 3 quotes per month with less functions (no e-signature, no analytics). There is people that needs many features, but there is people that we just need the basics.

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      EJ, thanks for feedback. As mentioned in previous thread, we’ll try our best to make reasonable plans for customers, who don’t send many proposals per month.

  • Geoff

    First off. Love the product. It’s saved us a spectacular amount of time. Couple of quick thoughts.

    We don’t want to lose the API access just because we aren’t on the biggest plan. $100/month and we still won’t be able to integrate with other API? Not cool! It’s so nice to be able to integrate our CapsuleCRM info directly into Quote Roller. That’s the whole reason we started using you guys.

    Maybe have a “between” level for those who need a few more users and/or proposals and what is offered. Like cell phone plans, give first 100 for free, but each additional per month like like $0.50 or something like that.

    And online payments would be AWESOME! If you can integrate with Paypal or another online payment gateway, that would make you guys hands down better than any other competitors!!

    Thanks for the great work!!

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Geoff, thanks for great feedback! Glad to hear we saved you tons of time!

      Regarding the plans – it’s still in the works, we are closely listening to what our customers are saying and will come up with final version very soon. Thank you for suggestions and stay tuned!

    • Glynn

      I agree with the above. We need to be able to integrate our CapsuleCRM info directly into Quote Roller. Sould this no longer be available on our plan, then Quote Roller will be going against what you stand for. Saving us time and making quoting easier!

  • Tiffany

    As a business owner I completely understand growing and changing a pricing structure to give your customers the best possible support and future developments. That being said, I like some of the features for the Team and Professional but seems as though the pricing is a little high for the middle tier. I would think $50-60 seems more fair on Team Plan.

  • John Carvalho

    I do not feel the development of QuoteRoller’s features is anywhere near the amount needed to justify this much of an increase. I use other Project Management software that charges similar to your proposed new rates, and they develop their product at a pace that would embarrass your team. This feels like a money grab, and smack in the face of the small guys that got you this far.

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      John, please don’t panic yet, as this is a discussion we started to figure out your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for your feedback and please stay tuned as we will take a final decision regarding the plans very soon.

  • Michael Pardus

    Well. I have chosen you because you are NOT as expensive as others. Which by the way they charge exactly what you want to charge now. Furthermore I think some of your competitors are further in their development and offer more sleek functionality. So form this costs are way too high. I was actually planning to change to your current Professional package for 18.99 for 2 people. Now you are planning 99 per month for this? Are you crazy? Who will pay 100 bucks a month. 1200 a year just to send nice offers? You can buy great software for this and use it as you like. If you change your prices to new ones you will loose your price edge over competition and simply in this case I will probably move to your competitors as they offer more within same price bracket. Your Xero integration is so basic that is actually useless (and that was my point for joining you) so since this does not work as supposed to then except price there is nothing holding me here.

    We are small company. 6 people. I need 2-3 people form sales to use it. 50 offers per month max. Unique domain. My branding. No links to your site. I can pay 30 A month max. Over that is just too much. It is every month after all and it will not end in year or two. Not like I can pay soft for this, pay 1000 and pay it off in installments. Besides I use much more advanced systems (Xero, and few more) which are far more complicated and far more crucial for my business for 30 dollars max a month. 99 is crazy and secondly this is not crucial for my business. It is only optional and just nice to have. I can live without it. Especially saving 100 a month.

    Just my opinion.

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you so much for your honest feedback. I’d like to mention again that this is just a discussion and final decision will be taken this week or early next.

    • kevin rossiter

      who else has a similar offering to quoteroller?

  • Carl Nasal

    Thanks for sharing your new plans and getting customer feedback. For my company, we have created 46 quotes over the last 9 months (which equates to about 5/month). That means I’m paying about $6/quote with your new pricing model ($30/month) rather than the current $1.80/quote with your current price of $9/month. That’s a sizable jump in cost per quote. Like other people have mentioned, for the company’s that don’t quote often, I don’t think $30/month is worth it. I would probably find a cheaper alternative or just go back to Word Documents. I don’t know how many of your clients are companies about our size, but I believe this change would cause many people in my shoes to just drop the service.

    Buying a pack of quotes like someone mentioned would be nice (i.e. 10 quotes for $10) or a more freelancer-sized package under $15/month would also probably be OK. Basically, from my perspective, your new pricing is 3.33 times more expensive for nothing extra (that I would use).

    Thanks for continuing the discussion with us.


    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Carl, thanks for sharing your ideas! I hope our new plans will be as attractive as the current ones.

  • quoterollermikita


    What do you think about this pricing: ??

  • Jamie

    I wouldn’t be able to justify $30 a month for something I send less than 10 a month mostly. The increases seem to be a little too high for the little guys. Hopefully you cater to us.

  • Juan-

    That pricing will suck, will have to move to another solution. No API etc…

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Bear with us Juan, update is coming very soon!

  • Kelly

    I agree with the majority of the folks here. The package is nice, but it is hard to justify the new pricing. It would be more advantageous for a smaller company like mine to send out the quotes via email and track via another app. I really don’t believe I can justify the expense for the convenience the product delivers.

    There are some glitches that I have found. When the pages are printed out. they run on each other instead of printing as individual pages, sometimes splitting pertinent information on two different pages.

    • Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Hi Kelly, thanks a lot for the feedback. Update is coming very soon and I’m sure you will be satisfied. I’ve sent you a message inside Quote Roller regarding the printing problems.

    • Guy Fuller

      In an effort to be redundant, the service is pretty cool, there are some features that I would like to see added that would perhaps justify a higher subscription rate, but until that time the new pricing would be difficult to absorb.

  • Neal Maier

    We have sent hundreds of proposals so far this year and I would gladly pay a higher rate so long as it included improved reporting and promised future improvements. With the volume of proposals sent, the amount of time QR has saved our sales team easily justifies a rate increase.

  • Neal Maier

    I fully support a rate increase so long as it brings better reporting and future improvements in functionality. Our sales team has sent hundreds of proposals using QR and saved untold time… it’s simply worth more than we’re paying.

    • Quote Roller

      Hi Neal,

      We really really appreciate your support. We’re working on something sweet :)


  • Kevo

    I think you guys are missing an opportunity – surely with better pricing you will get more customers, after all you have made the software – you now need lots of users, keep it keen as over 90% of businesses are 5 people or less, i would be happy to pay a the same as and – other similar online services.

  • DWV

    At our current per month price, Quote Roller is a viable option for our small business. If my account is subject to an increase to a Professional version, we would stop using it.

  • Scaron

    We started using quote roller a few days ago, but we are using the team plan for 5 users. 69.99 is acceptable, but for 100$ per month, we will probably move to another company. we are using many other web based services and we are usually paying around 50$/month unlimited users (highrise, base camp) I just subscribe and will continue using quote roller if we can get the price advertised a few weeks ago when we took the decision to move with quote roller.

  • Dan

    Another vote for a low use tier. We typically use Quote Roller for 1 – 3 quotes a month and would not pay $10 per quote. It’s all very well looking at averages but if that average is the sum of 50% low use and 50% high use customers then you have produced pricing tiers for a customer type which only exists on paper.

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