New pricing model that will be effective October 1st

Dear friends,

Couple of weeks ago we started a discussion on updating Quote Roller’s pricing. As you remember, that was an open conversation; we’ve got over 150 replies on this post and email newsletter.

Big thank you to all who was active participating in the conversation. After chatting to a number of customers we decided to adjust the pricing model to reflect both the value Quote Roller brings to the table and your financial expectations. We came up with a new pricing model that received very positive feedback from many customers we interviewed.

Here is the new pricing that we plan to turn on for all new users and upgrades:

new pricing

Important thing to note: We will grandfather all the existing users, which means all the users who signed up or upgraded before October 1st 2012.We gave it a little thought and… well, you know, we love you guys too much to raise the pricing so fast. However, if you truly support the product, please upgrade to one of the new plans, we’d really appreciate it. 

New pricing will come effective on October 1st, so if you want to upgrade to a better plan and stay on it forever it is better to do it now. 

Your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated. Aloha!



I am a geek and co-founder of Quote Roller. I love building things from scratch and making work easier. You can ping me via twitter @mikitamikado

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  • Courtney

    Could you add cache fly support on enterprise?

    Really slow here in Australia.

    Pricing is fine :)

    • Quote Roller

      We’re planning some infrastructure updates early next year. It will help, we promise :)

  • Davidw

    Tad confused with the grandfathering. I have 2 users on the current plan, but there is no active “upgrade button” available to me. What is the net result there? We would be the professional in the currrent mode. This mode is per operator etc. We need to keep 2 operators. One is not really using it, one is actually just checking stuff occasionally, but we need 2 access points still.

    Yes- as above it is really slow here in Australia….


    • Quote Roller

      You plan will stay absolutely the same. If you want to upgrade to higher plan, you still have time to take an advantage and upgrade to Enterprise for $69.99. If you’re OK with the existing one, just leave it as is.


  • Stephen

    What exactly does this “lock in” mean? If I’m on the basic plan now, does that mean I’m grandfathered in to the new “starter” plan at 8.99 a month or does that mean you’ll move me to the starter plan for 14.99 a month?

    • Quote Roller

      It means that your plan won’t be changed and you will pay $8.99 until you want to change it to a new one.

  • Michael Clay

    Do these changes include the free plan? I am in a sustaining business (because of health issues) and need VERY few proposals. I plan on being able to hit the business full force in the coming months, but right now I am not actively sending many proposals (way less than 1 per month). Paying for unlimited proposals would not work because I would be paying for something I am not using and I would need to find another solution. When my proposal volume rises, I would be glad to contribute to your excellent service. If you eliminate the free plan, is it possible to put an account on hold?

    • Quote Roller


      We will discontinue Free plan. You can upgrade to an old Basic plan for $8.99 month before Oct 1st.


  • SugarToys

    now we are talking! is a win / win :D

  • Dean

    As a basic user will I still retain my analytics as I see it falls away in the starter plan?

    • Quote Roller

      Your plan will stay the same.


  • Wondwesen Getachew

    I have a plan to start a new small scale agricultural business like Mushroom ,Silk production and beekeeping in 600 meter square area but i have financilal problems not skill since Iam agricultural economist in my profession ,what advice me is there any means to get partner to work with ?

    Wondwesen from Ethiopia

  • Adam Teece

    What are the library of Text Block templates? I am a free user right now but definitely upgrading within the next 3 days, just waiting on a client check to clear. I’m looking at the 18.99 current plan and just wondering what would be different between that and 19.99 a month new plan other than the unlimited proposals. I only need 1 person for now so that extra user on the 18.99 plan isn’t too big of a deal to me. Just wondering what else I would lose upgrading to the new 19.99 plan. Thanks for your help.

    • Quote Roller

      We’ll shortly release a video, that explains the library of text-block templates. You can also see this feature partially now within the app interface. 

  • Troy

    Can you add A La Carte pricing to the pricing page? We would like the A La Carte pricing to NOT add to the total ‘package’ price at the bottom. Can you make this happen in the future?

    • Quote Roller

      Troy, this feature is scheduled for future releases

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