Getting Started: Blocks To Start Building An Awesome Business Proposal


Each month, Quote Roller is going to focus on an important topic that goes into creating kick-ass business proposals. For the month of March, like Julie Andrews, we started from the very beginning (a very nice place to start): Getting Started with your Business Proposals. We talked about learning from previous proposals, the power of SWOT and Sales Proposal Funnels, debunking sales proposal myths, and a lot more. Here we are just putting all those great bits of advice in one place.

000045542“Check Out” Our Library of Business Proposals: Getting Started:

First we sent our newsletter subscribers Quote Roller’s first ebook: Business Proposals Kick-Ass Guide: How to write, present & manage, which gives you 10 keys to opening the door to successful sales proposals.

And then, we dug a little deeper with 8 blog posts on how to kick off writing your next business proposal in the most awesome way:

Next month we get down to the nuts and bolts of How to Write a Proposal. What are your tricks? Are there any topics you’d like to see us cover?

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  • keith cook

    helpful links, thanks for the post.

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