Big Huge Spring Update!


Have you had a chance to discover all the goodies we’ve released in the last two months? Here is a recap of what has happened during February and March. Thanks to your feedback, we are polishing Quote Roller everyday and are releasing new features and functionality each week. Some of the things are minor, while others are those big long-awaited killer features you’ve been asking for.

Every Wednesday is a product day at Quote Roller, where we talk about new features, designs, integrations, and other fun stuff. And what is a product day without great honest customer feedback? We want you to take a proactive approach and participate in the product development! Are we doing good, great or bad? We will continue to make updates and changes based on YOUR opinions, so tell us!

Ready… Set… Go!


1. Optional items

Optional Items

Yes, they are finally here! Now you can offer your customers several options of services or products to choose from. If you haven’t had a chance to try them out, you should right now!

Quote Roller proposal software updates the pricing page on the fly to reflect the choices your clients have made. Isn’t it wonderful?

2. Custom proposal numbersProposals Number

Does your company employ a sophisticated pattern for proposals numbering? We’ve got you covered now.

Head to Settings -> Company and set your own numbering format.

3. Autosave

Never lose all the hard work you’ve done! Our new autosave feature is triggered every ten seconds. If you aren’t a proposal writing champion, this time should be enough not to lose any changes. We notify you with a blue “Saving” button on the top while you are editing a template or proposal.

4.  Filter proposals by user

Filter by author

Now all the proposals can be filtered by a specific team member.

It’s a great way for teams to collaborate and find a proposal they are looking for much faster.

5. Manually change a proposal status

manually change proposal status

Often the sale happens over the phone or via email, or at a face-to-face meeting. In this case, the client does not click Accept button, and the sale is not counted as Won. Now you can also mark every proposal’s status manually and add internal notes for other team members or for your future self. (Because seeing that Accepted score going up just feels so good.)

6. Clients Clean-up

Clients clean up

If you have an urge to do some spring cleaning or just want to test a new integration, we have introduced this feature just for you.

By clicking the scary red DELETE button, you will delete all the clients without associated proposals and all the companies, that do not have clients.

There is no need to test this feature, it does work. And we’ve tested it hundred times. All the contacts will be deleted with no recovery means. You have been warned.


Welcome three more great apps to our ever-growing family of add-ons!


1. PipeDrive

Pipeline software that gets you organized. A powerful sales CRM that small teams love to use.

2. Batchbook

Batchbook is a social CRM which helps you build meaningful relationships with your best customers.

3. Sage One

Sage One is a series of online accounting and payroll services for small business owners and their accountants, allowing them to manage their business finances.

You can activate new add-ons on your integrations page, by enabling the relevant plugins.


We are adding new business proposal templates all the time, to include more sectors in our ever-growing brand and to make your proposal writing process a little easier every time. Just last week, we added proposal templates for public relations, architecture, and janitorial hires. Feel free to check back often to see what we’ve added, to add your own template to share in our library, and to refer your friends in different industries!

We are so happy to have you apart of our Quote Roller family. Now, what do you think? What should be our next update?



Serge got 10 years of experience in web applications development using Python, JavaScript, iOS, Java, UX, and team leadership. Serge is an avid angler who loves design with MS degrees in Computer Since and Business Administration.

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  • SmoothMarketer

    Great work guys. keep up the hard work.

  • Daniel Mason

    Great stuff, the autosave is awesome, saw that popping up :)

    Drag and drop price items next?

    • Serge Barysiuk

      Not sure about drag and drop but we will give more love to pricing table in upcoming releases. :) Price lists functionality is coming – save pricing table and reuse it when you need without retyping everything all the time. Also we’re working on categories support in the products autocomplete field.

  • Lisa Marcia

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if Quote roller would integrate an automatic invoicing system in their proposals. Having a one-stop place so I didn’t have to integrate anything would be something I would put at the top of my request list!

  • Scott Townsend

    Good stuff. I’m a BIG QR fan. Any thoughts on going responsive?

  • Steven Hambleton

    Please fix the WYSIWYG. It’s horrible to use. Can you move to Redactor or something similar to Basecamp?

    • Serge Barysiuk

      Steven, we’re moving to CKEditor 4 in 2 weeks. It’s way better.

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