How to Design the Perfect Proposal Contest!

How do You design a perfect proposal?

Here at Quote Roller, we’re so proud of how our clients’ businesses are all growing so rapidly, in part because of Quote Roller, but mostly because you’re all totally awesome. We were wondering if you could share with us some of those business proposals that are getting accepted day after day. We think it’ll help us understand the way you use Quote Roller to close deals and will give industry-specific examples of how to create a proposal that will be accepted to folks already using Quote Roller and to those interested in it.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to do it for free, which is why we’re enticing you with a case of wine for the office, which you can choose to partake in while sporting Quote Roller tees and sending out Quote Roller proposals for a whole month for the whole office, all on our tab.

And to entice you even more, we even have some tricks we posted on our newest integration partner OnePageCRM’s blog about “How to Design the Perfect Proposal.”

How’s it work?

Between now and March 15, 2014, create a killer business proposal within the Quote Roller proposal software and send the link via Quote Roller to making it able to be converted into a PDF too. From the Executive Summary to the Pricing Page and everything in between, it’s all about using our awesome proposal software — including custom domain pages, charts, videos, photos, etc. — to present yourself as the solution to your market’s needs. This is also a time for you to get some free press so feel free to show off your company as best you can, while altering things like Pricing — which you can fudge — show your business off, but don’t give away your secrets.

What could you win?

1 Grand-prize Winner will receive a case of wine + Quote Roller tees for the office + a month free of Quote Roller for each staff member

5 Individual Runners-Up will receive two more months of Quote Roller free + a rad t-shirt for the best in these sectors:

  • Digital Creative
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing/Construction
  • Marketing
  • Telecommunications/IT

Send your proposal by March 15, 2014 to enter. We will judge solely on the client receiving the proposal’s perspective, so treat Contests like your client. That could mean both in the web-based version and the PDF. Just remember to get creative and use Quote Roller as a tool to help you frame your business as a solution to your client demographic’s needs. We will reveal the winners by the end of March.

Do not include any confidential information because we reserve the right to use part or the whole of your proposal in future marketing campaigns, while, of course, plugging your company.

And don’t be shy! We are confident that the majority of our delightful customers can build proposals that’ll knock our socks off! GOOD LUCK!

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  • Ed Bisquera

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up! :)

  • BA House Cleaning

    sent!!! :D When will the winners be announced?

    • Jennifer Riggins

      We’re enjoying watching you squirm so on Monday March 24 ;)

  • Jennifer

    Wow, us Quote Rollers really understand now the challenges the companies you’re bidding to have to face… the Design a Great Proposal Contest saw some truly fantastic contestants, but three overall really stood out and we had to fight amongst ourselves to choose the top slot which is…

    …drumroll please…

    …brrrum bum bum bruuummmble brrum bum brrum brrrumbleee tish!

    …and the Grand Prize winner of a case of wine among other glories is…

    DC BUILDING by a nose hair! Later this week, we will go more in-depth into our decision-making process and provide you with best practices to be learned, but it really came down to two details that made them stand out: excellent client testimonials (video in the web-based version/written in PDF) and the use of PDF page breaks to separate their sections into PDF pages

    We also simply loved Steadfast Creative and Glide Agency’s proposals and thus offer them the RunnersUp spots.

    All three contenders stood out by using both the web-based and PDF proposal tools to create stunning (and unboring) proposals that truly show off their brand as a solution, both in ample imagery and messaging. Congratulations to each of our contestants because with more than 49% of all Quote Roller proposals getting accepted, you’re setting the curve as winners!

    • Patrick Rogan

      I’m with Evan on this. I’d love to see what the entries looked like!

  • Evan Caulfield

    Were there any entries? I would love to see what the folks sumbitted!

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