Client Tales: How A Personal Touch Helps Contentful Sell to Enterprise

“Quote Roller makes it really easy for us to create, send, and sign proposals. It gives a professional impression to our enterprise clients.” – Contentful


Contentful is a content management API that makes content strategists weak in the knees! This company allows individuals and teams to create content once and distribute it across different media in a custom and adaptable way.

You know those articles and information your company shares across the web and various apps? Yeah, those posts that look perfect on your website but cut off on Android devices and look terrible on the iPad? Contentful fixes that and helps you avoid the hassle of having to customize your content for every site and device.

Sascha Konietzke
Sascha Konietzke, CEO

Sascha Konietzke, CEO of Contentful, has been using Quote Roller to send proposals to Contentful’s enterprise clients. By working directly clients, he’s been able to get feedback from the people that matter, thus ensuring that as Contentful grows, they don’t lose sight of their clients’ needs.

Sascha took some time to share his experience with us. Here’s his take on why Contentful uses Quote Roller to create, send, and sign proposals.

Do you send proposals often?
We send a few proposals every week. Most of our clients start with one of the lower level packages for which they don’t need a quote, but when they’re ready to move up to the “enterprise” level or have special requests, we put together a custom quote for them in Quote Roller.

What made you want to use Quote Roller?
Contentful has a pretty standard pricing model for standard plans, but when it comes to the enterprise clients, their needs are much more unique and require a lot of customization.

To us, it was clear from the very beginning that if we were to serve these enterprise clients the way they deserve to be served, we would need to provide custom quotes for every client. Quote Roller makes it really easy for us in many ways and gives a professional impression to our enterprise clients.

How were you sending proposals prior to Quote Roller?
We sent proposals the old-fashioned way: downloading or creating a template in Word, filling it in manually for each client and sending it off as a PDF. It wasn’t efficient and took up a lot of our time.

What problems has Quote Roller solved for you?
With the old-fashioned way you spend a lot of time modifying the quote and inserting the clients information, pricing, and unique requirements. With Quote Roller, we can easily create templates that helps us generate a quote much quicker and saves an immense amount of time. Quote Roller also gives us a short-list of open quotes and notifications when a potential client has opened a quote, so we know who to follow up with and when.

Do you use Quote Roller integrations or integrate the product with any CRM like Salesforce?
Not yet, but we’re planning on integrating with Salesforce in the near future.

Do you plan on allowing more people on the team to send proposals?
We are still a start-up and are actively hiring sales people. Every new sales rep will have access to Quote Roller for their proposals.


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