Client Tales: The Honey Agency Will Sweeten Your Marketing!

What’s the buzz about our newest Client Tale? The Honey Agency is a fabulous web marketing and creative agency, and they are also our first Video Client Tale! This bee-utiful boutique creative company is specialized in design, web development, brand building & social media in the wine, food & lifestyle industries. They have a funky, memorable style that surely sweetens up the public image of all their clients. But don’t take our word for it, watch and see for yourself!

Honey Agency Team
Honey AgencyWhen our co-founder and CEO Mikita Mikado was asked why he chose the Honey Agency as our first Video Client Tales, he said it was a no-brainer. He first noticed them because they were sending out a lot of proposals and getting them signed, so he decided to scope out their website. Mikita found that they’d given a lot of attention to detail, spending a lot of time highlighting their clients. Plus, an almost all-women company is almost as rare as an almost all-Belorussian one. They too are Cali-based and work hard to keep a tight-knit team (check out their original, honeycomb company guide!)

“Building a software product is not about technology, and it’s not about design. It is about solving problems for your customers and helping them to do better with their business. It is about their business, in fact,” Mikita says. “I wanted to make a short story about who our customers are, what they do, and how we fit in the picture.” As you can tell, the Honey bees were a fun and perfect fit!

On the other side, the honey bees seem to be really happy with how Quote Roller makes their business proposals more professional and easily. Meghan Phillips, one of the Honey Agency’s two owners and founders, says, “Quote Roller’s completely changed the way we do business. We’re able to sell a really packaged proposal. A package that really looks good from start to finish that really sells Honey Agency,” rather than desktop applications that lend themselves to a lot of mistakes.

Honey Agency Cheers

Now, a word of warning, don’t visit the Honey Agency blog on an empty stomach. Their high-res photos of their clients’ food and beverages will leave you drooling for days!

I know I’m especially excited to use the St. Germain on my shelf to make their official cocktail, the Honey Badger (not to be confused with this honey badger.)

Honey Badger Cocktail

1 oz The Nectar Vodka (honey-infused and good on ice, too)
1 oz St-Germain
3 oz chilled Prosecco
1 orange slice

Pour ingredients into a chilled fluted wine glass and stir lightly. Squeeze orange slice and pop in as a garnish. And raise a glass to Quote Roller’s amazing clients!

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