Scare Up More Sales: How SEO Can Frighten the Competition

Our Halloween week isn’t just about helping you be less scared, but also how to frighten your competition. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is known to be a powerful practice, and, when executed correctly, it can put the fear of falling behind into your competitors. As you climb up the rankings on search engines such as Google and the like, your competitors will more than likely clock your every online move in a bid to chase you to the top. This is of course, due to the fact that the higher you rank on search engines, the more sales you can achieve. So, in the spirit of Halloween we’ve compiled a few tips on how to improve your SEO , thus frighten your competition.

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1. Optimize title tags  

Halloween Sales InfographicTitle tags are essential to take into consideration when optimizing your site. Next to overall content, title tags are the second most important SEO element. So, as the title tag is used for an accurate description of page content, it affects search engine optimization significantly when you use keywords in the title tag. Conduct your keyword research carefully before choosing which to utilize for the title tag – this is because search engines tend to highlight or bold them in search results when a user has typed them into a search engine for a query. So the more visible the key words are, the higher the click-through rate you’ll receive.

2. Don’t keyword stuff

Keyword stuffing is now measured as a black-hat tactic, it simply doesn’t work. Keyword stuffing is essentially the fast track to getting your site penalized by Google, thus demoting your page or even removing it completely. Remember, it’s all about user experience, so use the right keywords in moderation and you’ll reap the benefits easily.

3. Make sure your link profile is natural

We all know how important link building is in terms of SEO, however it’s easy to get carried away when attempting to build your link profile. So what is a link profile made up of? Aside from the anchor text used in the link, a link profile comes down to the various types of links to your website for example, new articles, press releases, social networks, as well as how they were attained i.e. at a steady pace or all at once. Keeping a natural link profile will help prevent your site from being penalized by Google. One of the most popular methods of maintaining the natural element is creating interesting, high quality content to share and thus build links from.

4. Do your research!

One of the most important aspects of SEO is research. Knowing that you want your website to rank high is one thing, however knowing what you want it to rank highly for is another. Explore your options for keywords and key phrases to narrow down exactly who your target audience is and what they’d search for to see your website at the top of the page. If you’re looking to get help from an SEO agency, it’s also important to do your research on them before giving them your business. As you may know already, SEO is a mid- to long-term strategy that can take up to 3 months to see significant results, so it’s worthy to note that when an agency claims they can get your site ranking in the top spots in under a month, they’re using dodgy tactics that could get your site penalized. So look around to make sure your investment is worth it because, when it is, you, as well as your competitors, will certainly notice!


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