How to Use PayPal to Close Sales Quicker

Quote Roller Paypal Integration

Let’s be serious, if you’re selling a product or service but not selling it online, you’re living in the Dark Ages, missing out on even the possibility of many clients. I never cease to be amazing at how many of our wonderful, forward-thinking clients don’t even have websites or social media (or websites that list contact info and social media.) At the bare minimum, you need to have an online presence. But even better is to have a way to sell online.

Now, right within your business proposal software, you have a way to get paid online, too. Last week, we were super excited to announce that all Quote Roller subscriptions now come equipped with PayPal.

Our developers worked really hard with PayPal’s developers to make sure that this integration was seamless, quick and easy to use. PayPal becomes that final step you needed to integrate everything within Quote Roller, from client information and contact management to easy-breezy business proposal creation, tracking and signing to now getting paid. (Because, as much as you love what you do, it’s the money that keeps your business going and growing.)

Quote Roller with integrators

What is PayPal?

Well if you live under a rock, PayPal is probably the most popular online-only e-commerce business, which takes care of online transfers and payments.

What are the benefits of using PayPal?

  1. Money. Money. Money! So you can get paid, fast and easy. And with an assurance of no checks bouncing or credit cards rejecting.
  2. More confidence of security: PayPal is known and trusted. It has the highest level of data encryption and your client doesn’t have to give you any of their personal or financial information.
  3. It’s easy! Below we’ve copied the instructions for all the ways Quote Roller and PayPal work, but, simply put, all you have to do is drag and drop that content block right into your business proposals. If you include PayPal within your business proposals, you can save time and money by not necessarily having to go through the process of creating, sending and following up on invoices for your clients, with them having the way to pay you whenever they want. Since your clients probably already have a PayPal account, you lose the muss and fuss of having to get their billing information and they lose it for having to set up payments with their banks.
  4. It’s international, baby! It’s an increasingly globalized world, opening up a client base that wasn’t even possible a decade or two ago. PayPal is internationally trusted. Plus, it currently supports 24 different currencies. (Note: Even though Quote Roller now supports the Vietnamese Dong, from what I can see, PayPal does not. Seems to be the same for our Russian and Belarusian comrades, although our colleagues simply use a USD credit card for things like this.)

Get paid with PayPal right when things get signed!

PayPal block description

Our new PayPal block allows your customers to pay for the accepted proposals from PayPal system. Just specify the email for the payment and then your client pays from PayPal to this email from his/her own Paypal account.

PayPal block descriptionThe PayPal block is now part of Content Block and can be added to both templates and proposals. Simply drag and drop it into the section, specify your PayPal email and the payment amount.

After clicking on the PayPal button, the client is redirected to the PayPal system where he or she can pay either from an existing PayPal account or register a new one. They will then receive the message below.

PayPal block description

As soon as a proposal is paid, the PayPal button is changed to a “PAID” label.

PayPal block description_html_25669f2

The client can even pay for the proposal even before its acceptance. The Pay with PayPal button is available for all statuses of the proposal.

An added PayPal block can be displayed as a button on the Web form, but it isn’t displayed in a PDF doc. It is possible to include several PayPal blocks to one proposal, set up different emails, etc. Go here to view the currencies supported by PayPal.

Basically, with the help of our rockstar integration partners, now you can do your entire client lifecycle within Quote Roller!

How can you use PayPal to close faster? Who should we integrate with next?


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