How To Use Mobile CRM To Make Your Team Ten Times More Productive

Every business has customer relationships to manage. How do you manage the relationship with someone you met at a trade show, or at Starbucks? What about a customer who has been loyal for five years?

While you might be able to manage a few contracts’ worth of contacts on your own, over time you need a tool to help you keep track of them all. Running a business without a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution means you are likely relying on a combination of assorted proposal templates, chaotic email threads and crossed fingers to manage business development.

The fact is, sales habits are changing and you need a tool to meet these new needs. As sales teams become mobile, using both private and company devices, in and out of the office, we’re often left with a fragmented customer view.

A robust, post-PC CRM like Base changes all of that. It keeps all tasks, documents and contacts associated with a deal in one central location so your team can spend more time winning business and less time trying to stay organized. A great mobile CRM allows you to access all of your data no matter what device you’re working on.

Here are 4 ways a mobile CRM can make your sales team 10x more productive:

  1. Organize and Manage Your Contacts Across All Devices

With a holistic approach to contact management, you can create contacts cards for individuals that will be linked with both the company the person works for and also with the deals they are involved in. You can take organization a step further and add tags that will help you recall critical information or search efficiently.

For example, attaching the tag “videographers” to any contacts with that profession will help you quickly identify any existing connections in that field. Contacts are also searchable by location. Say you’re working on collateral for a trade show in downtown Sacramento. Through Base CRM, you can pull up all of the contacts you have in that area code and use the show as an opportunity to check in, let them know about the event, and inquire about future opportunities.

  1. Increase Active Selling & Meeting Prep Time

Your mobile CRM should be intuitive and easy to use, so that you can spend more time selling, and less time trying to figure out your CRM! Your CRM solution should offer automated call logging, recording, and outcome tracking. You should also have the option to use tasks that sync across all devices and are easy to add to hold yourself accountable.

What about document storage? You shouldn’t have to search your computer or email server every time you need to access a document. By storing documents with deals, you can keep everything in one centralized location and back it up to the cloud just in case you lose your mobile device. Everything you need at your fingertips means less time scrambling and more time selling.

  1. Create & Track Beautiful Proposals

From Contact, Lead, Deal, to Customer – you can follow your sales opportunities right through the entire pipeline. Proposal status information will be available across all devices, so you can see where your open proposals stand. With Base and Quote Roller, you can create and send awesome looking proposals, and track their status easily.

  1. Evaluate & Improve Your Sales Cycle

With Base, you can create a fully customized sales pipeline. No matter how your agency moves through the client process, Base can adapt to fit your preferred workflow. Enter the names of the different pipeline stages and order them in the best way for your business. You will also have access to on-demand reporting.

Are you ready to try a robust mobile CRM for your team? You can try Base for free for 14 days!

About Base

Base is the first CRM built for the post-PC world. More than 10,000 business customers use it to manage their sales and customer relationships. Leveraging new patterns of usage emerging with ubiquitous mobility, Base offers substantial productivity gains. Venture backed by Index Ventures and others, Base was founded in 2009 and is located in Chicago.

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