New Proposals in Templates Library: SEO, HR, Manpower, Staffing, Construction, Photography

New Proposal Templates SEO, HR, Photography, Manpower, ConstructionAugust was quite productive for us and our customers. 4 new templates were shared by Quote Roller community so we’ve got 4 new proposals added to the library of shared quote templates. Latest update brings the total number to 20. We added SEO proposal, HR | Manpower | Staffing proposal, Construction proposal, and Photography proposal templates.

SEO Proposal

SEO proposal template is designed to serve internet marketing industry: small to mid size search optimization agencies, freelancers, web designers that provide SEO services.

The proposal  has the following sections: 

  1. Cover letter with introduction to the company and services;
  2. Approach, which describes principles of SEO work;
  3. First steps that covers goals setting, competitor benchmarking analysis, key; phrase research, on-site and off-site optimization, social media marketing;
  4. SEO packages (prices and services included);
  5. Benchmarking | KPI | Results, which includes the information about client’s expectations and timeframe;
  6. Terms of service.
Download seo proposal template for free.


Construction Proposal

Are you a general contractor, development, or construction company? We got a new construction proposal template to get you started with your first proposal. The proposal would work well for all construction specialities including painters, builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. Proposal has the following sections:

  1. Cover letter (introduction to the company, services, approach);
  2. Company profile (includes portfolio, company history, management);
  3. Contact information;
  4. Costing;
  5. Agreement.
Download construction proposal template for free.


Photography Proposal

Photography proposal would work well for both independent professional photographers and photo agencies. The template’s sections are:

  1. Essence of photography (cover page);
  2. Introduction. The section advertises the company as well as has a portfolio of works;
  3. Process. The section introduces “A six step approach to photography”;
  4. Project overview, including goals of the project and objectives;
  5. Acceptance form (legal agreement).
Download photo proposal template  for free.


HR | Manpower | Staffing proposal

HR proposal template was contributed by one of the Quote Roller customers, who manages sales department in a San Francisco staffing agency. The proposal is very straightforward and has the following sections:

  1. Proposal letter (services and company introduction);
  2. About the company;
  3. Company profile (address, contact details, management);
  4. Pricing estimate;
  5. Agreement.
Download HR | manpower | staffing proposal template for free.

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