New Research Proposal Template in Our Library

Research proposal templateDue to popular demand, Quote Roller has officially released a new research proposal template today. As this template is the first of its kind for Quote Roller, you will notice differences between it and all other proposal templates. The wide reaching nature of a research proposal prompted the Quote Roller team to build a template that guides you through your writing process while providing the format, instead of just giving you the end result.

We expect that this will be extremely helpful for researches and scientists of all kinds who love their work but aren’t so thrilled about the extensive formal proposals they are required to submit. This  will enable you to spend more time doing what you love by reducing the time it takes to create proposals.

As always we welcome your feedback on this new addition to our template library.


Quote Roller is now PandaDoc

We’ve taken the great features of Quote Roller and made them even better with PandaDoc. PandaDoc is a robust document management platform with Quote Roller’s CPQ functionality built-in.

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