Quote Roller ♥ SugarCRM

SugarCRM integration for Quote Roller is fresh out of the development! Here is a short video to get you excited.


Excited? You can download and install Quote Roller App via SugarExchange and SugarForge.

For instructions on how to install SugarCRM addon please follow the tutorial under the cut.

Tutorial: How to install SugarCRM addon?

1. Login to SugarCRM as Administrator and go to Admin -> Developer Tools -> Module Loader.

Administration » SugarCRM - Commercial Open Source CRM.jpg

2. Download the latest version (2.0+) of Quote Roller addon from SugarExchange (Download link) or SugarForge (Download link). Please make sure that version is correct and 2.0+.


3. Install Addon via Module Loader


4. You will see Quote Roller Addon in the list of installed modules

5. On every Opportunity page you will see “Create a Quote” button. After clicking on the button you will be take to Quote Roller and all the data will be transferred to newly created quote.



When you’ve got Quote Roller addon installed, please connect Quote Roller to your SugarCRM account.

Tutorial: How to connect Quote Roller and SugarCRM?

1. Login to Quote Roller as Admin and go to Settings -> Integrations -> SugarCRM and enable it. The first step is covered in the first section of this tutorial.

2. To create Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, please login to SugarCRM as admin and go to Admin -> System – oAuth Keys.


3. Click “Create” and fill in all required information including Consumer Secret, then click Save.


4. Go to Quote Roller and on the SugarCRM integration page fill in Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, your domain. Version of Sugar CRM leave by default, it will be selected automatically. Please put http:// or https:// before domain name (depending on what the URL you have).


5. Click “Connect” and if you have newer version, the integration will be activated automatically. If you have SugarCRM version less than 6.5, you will be asked for Token Authorization. Please copy a link and open it in a new tab. 



You will see Token Authorization dialog in SugarCRM account. Click Authorize Token.



And Copy Token Authorization Code to Quote Roller dialog and Click Save.



 You will see a message that settings have been updated successfully.


Congratulations! We have set up SugarCRM and Quote Roller integration. Now you can create a quote from SugarCRM (Create a quote button on Opportunity page) and all the information will be transferred to Quote Roller (including clients, project name, etc.). All the history and notifications will be posted back to SugarCRM.

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