From Xero to Hero: Integrate with Xero Accounting Software and Invoice Just Like We Do!

The Quote Roller app seamlessly turns a business proposal into an invoice from Xero. And why?

Because we like to get you paid quickly and we like to tell you about our rockin’, ever-growing list of integration partners.

Bonus, we use Xero too! The crazy Quote Roller team uses Xero because we LOVE life in the Cloud and we have staff around the world — from San Fran to Minsk to Barcelona to a CEO that’s in a different country every time we talk — and Xero allows us to do what we need to do from anywhere, even with lovely Maya in our laps.

Zlata our fab, but first-time bookkeeper chose to switch to Xero about eight months ago because the Help Center answers all her questions, the one-click reconciling with our bank “rules,” and she can keep track of our different categories within Xero to balance our whole budget, while the rest of the team heads keep track of their own expenses. She says that, since she’s a full-time mom she really appreciates how Xero is such a time-saver. Plus, we love that it integrates right in with our own Quote Roller sales proposals!

Xero integration

How Xero and Quote Roller work seamlessly together

The Xero-Quote Roller integration allows you to sync your contacts and tax rates within Quote Roller, while you can create an invoice in Xero straight from your Quote Roller proposals. In short, it’s all about making deals and getting paid.

Quick Note: When creating proposals in Quote Roller, then using the button “Create Invoice in Xero,” if you use any Catalog-Subscriptions, these items will not be sent over to the Xero for the invoice.

Step 1: Login into Your Quote Roller Account

Step 2: On the Upper right, click on Settings: 

Step 3:  On your Dashboard, click on Integrations on the lower left:

Step 4: Find Xero and click on the enable button:

Step 5: Connecting Quote Roller with Xero:

A.      After you click the enable button, Xero will ask you to login: 

B.      Next, you will need to Authorize Quote Roller application to your Xero Data.

a.       Select the organization and click “Authorize”

b.      If connected successfully, you will be brought back to your Quote Roller account.

Step 6: Syncing contacts from Xero to Quote Roller:

1.       Now, you are ready to Sync Contacts, Click the  Button. After this has been completed, you will receive an email message from Quote Roller that the contacts have been imported.

b.      For your convenience with also provide you with a .TXT file of the contacts that were imported into Quote Roller.

2.       Click on Clients in Quote Roller and you will see that your contacts have been added.

3.       Congratulations, you have successfully integrated your Xero Clients into Quote Roller!

4.       If you ever need to ReSync your contacts, or to disable this Integration, follow Step 1 and Step 2 from above and you will have the options to Sync, Disable Integrations and update your Account settings for the Integration.

Step 7:  Viewing your Xero Clients in Quote Roller:

A.      In Quote Roller, click on Clients.

B.      Any client that has this icon, was synced from Xero.

Step 8: Syncing of Xero Taxes Rates with Quote Roller account:

1.       First, we recommend that you create all of your tax Rates in Xero First, BEFORE Syncing to Quote Roller. Tax information can be found, under Settings >General Settings > Tax Rates.

2.       Now, you are ready to sync taxes from Xero. Click the Button. The Quote Roller system will process this request.

3.       Once this has been completed, the taxes imported will show up on Catalog > Taxes.

Step 9: Creating an invoice for Xero, based on the Quote Roller Proposal:

1.       In your Quote Roller account, go through the process of creating a proposal. Either Save and send a notification to your client or “Save As Sent.”

2.       Next,  this will bring to the Proposal Overview, over on the right side under “Preview the Proposal”, you will have a link called, “Create invoice in Xero.”   

3.       Next, the Quote Roller system will display a notice of which data will not be sent through over to Xero. This can include Catalog-Subscriptions, discounts and taxes.

4.       Click Send. 

5.       Now in Xero, you will need to add “Account”, “Tax Rate” and then you can “Approve” the invoice.

6.       Congratulations, you have created a proposal in Quote Roller and created an invoice in Xero.

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please access your Quote Roller account and click on

How have you used the Xero-Quote Roller dynamic duo to grow your business?


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