10 Tips to Better Sales

Being a savvy salesperson is a skill we all need, from business owner down to account rep.

And while it’s easier to sell during good economic conditions, this current roller-coaster we’re on makes the job all the more difficult. Here are ten ways you can instantly step up your sales game.

1. Know the Product. In the sales process, customers have questions. It’s your responsibility to have the  answers. You should know all your products, inside and out, as well as how to use them. It can be worthwhile to explore how a customer in a particular niche could use your products, as it might spur ideas in a sales presentation that could win you the business.

2. Know the Customer.The other side of the coin is your potential client. Do you truly understand his business, his pain points, and his budget? Only by doing research into the company will you learn how your business can help solve this client’s problems. Look beyond the company too; what’s going on in his industry as a whole, and what are his competitors up to?

3. Presentation is Everything.You may be one of a dozen companies who offers similar products or services. What makes you stand out is presentation. That’s everything from how you dress for a sales meeting, to the proposal you send over, to your interactions after the sale. It’s like going to your grandmother’s house: always be on your best behavior!

4. Focus on Solutions, Not Benefits. Sure, your product is amazing. It’s bigger, better, faster and more efficient than the competition. But your client doesn’t care about any of that. What he cares about is finding a solution to his problem. How will this product make him more money? If you know your customer, you can understand the solutions he’s looking for.

5. Be Everywhere.  Sales is much more than just sales. You or your company should have a decent presence online. Be on Twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn and G+. Maintain a company blog. Interact on question sites like Quora. The more places you are found, the more customers can find you, and the more they’ll associate your brand with what you do.

6. Be a Relationship Builder. Gone are the days where you could get in, make the sale, and get out. Now customers want a relationship, which means you have to communicate with the customer after the sale. Send a handwritten note on your client’s birthday, and drop an email every quarter or so to let your customer know that you’re still here for her.

7. Be Accessible. Even if you’re busy, you have to appear accessible to customers at all times. That means taking their calls and responding quickly to emails. If you can’t help them with a problem, it’s your role to pass them to someone who can help.

8. Network. Maintaining a flow of contacts that could turn into leads is what Sales 2.0 is all about. If you’re managing number 5 by being everywhere you can be, you should have a nice pipeline of potential leads. Even when sales are flush, keep building your network for the future.

9. Loosen the Tie Sometimes. While you certainly want to be professional, it doesn’t hurt to relax with a customer at times. Tell a joke. Invite him out for drinks. Step outside of your salesperson box to let a little of your personality shine. It will help build the relationship.

10. Never Stop Learning. The thing about a good salesperson is that she never stops learning. Read blogs like this one with sales tips, attend webinars and go to conferences to keep your sales skills sharp.

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