iPhone app for proposals? Done!

iPhone App for ProposalsFinally we’ve nailed it. Quote Roller’s App for iPhone has been officially released via iTunes store. And guess what? It’s completely free.

Proposals quoting app iphone

We’ve been working on this for over six months and we are now happy to present the results. Proudly, Quote Roller is the only service to create and send proposals that has an iPhone app. We are the first!

iphone app proposals dashboard

Dashboard (Click to View)

First release is built for your sales manages to stay up-to-date with what is going on with their proposals.

Once you install Quote Roller for the iPhone, you’ll se a slick login screen. Even though it is a stand-alone native iPhone app, you will still need to have a Quote Roller account and internet connection to use it. Therefore, make sure you register for free before logging in.

First thing you’ll see after logging in to the app, is the dashboard. Here you will find all things that really matter, including clients activity, proposals sent and accepted.

Included in this first version of the app, is a display of all the information you need about current proposals, a list of your clients and a full account history. These great screenshots below speak for themselves:

List of proposals in iPhone app

List of Proposals

List of Clients in iPhone App

List of Clients (Click to View)


Proposal View in iPhone

Proposal Details (Click to View)

And most importantly, our killer feature is the ability to conduct a conversation with your client, within the proposal. This can be found in proposals expanded view, where there is a button to post comments and discuss.

This app is going to be our first step towards making the Quote Roller the must have tool to create and send proposals on the go. Be sure, we’ll be adding more functionality over time and soon you’ll be able to create, send and sign proposals on your iPhone. Do you have some feedback or an idea? Let us know, we are keen to hear your suggestions.



I am a geek and co-founder of Quote Roller. I love building things from scratch and making work easier. You can ping me via twitter @mikitamikado

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  • Christian

    what about android

    • Anonymous

      We’ll build it when see some traction. Hopefully more and more folks are going to demand it. 

      • Sales Support

        Looking forward for android application.

      • Duncan McGill

        Hi – has there been any traction on the Android version yet?

        • http://sashakovaliov.com/ Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

          Hi Duncan, we’ve been working hard on the revamped iOS version of the application. Quote Roller fully works on mobile browsers, and we will try our best to deliver Android application in future. Can’t tell you the exact dates. What is the primary feature you would like to see in the Android app?

  • Adam Fairhead

    Looks great, fellas! Where is the iPad on your roadmap? Do you suppose users will use the full desktop version via. Safari or do you plan to turn this into a universal app?

    • http://www.quoteroller.com Quote Roller

      Thank you Adam,
      IPAD version is definitely on our roadmap. We are thinking about either going with a native app or HTML5 version right now to see what is appropriate. 

      • http://twitter.com/syntaxdigital Syntax

        Using an HTML5 version and publishing via some framework like Titanium App, would work for all iOS5 and Android devices. It’s quite easy to get up and running!

        ps Great iPhone app – love it

        • http://www.quoteroller.com Quote Roller

          Thank you David, 
          Titanium might be an option; though, we used it before and had some problems with it. I love the idea of HTML5 but there are also some doubts on this. 

          There are a lot of debates; however, be sure we’ll come up with something eventually :)

  • Michael Kim

    Forget iPad, Android, etc.  Your next enhancement must be integration to Salesforce.com.  Otherwise, its just another app that will not be used.  

    • http://www.facebook.com/mikita.mikado Mikita Mikado

      Hello Michael,Thanks a lot for your feedback. Totally agree with you, SalesForce is a very important integration that can’t be bypassed. We already have it in our development pool and should release by the end of January. I hope you’ll check it out then. 

  • Lightbulbit

    MUST USE HTML5! (unless you want to maintain 6 code bases). Having an individual app should showcases the features of the form factor (but not necessary for the platform. Need tablet functionality and phone functionality, not iPad app, iPhone app, Android phone app, Android tablet app, Windows Phone app, Windows Tablet app, and so on…) This would enable you to spend more time polishing and adding features than updating code over and over again. If users have multiple platforms (say support personnel) and everything works differently, you are effectively using and supporting 6 or more platforms for the same thing. Using HTML 5 you would essentially only have to write the code once (with modifications, sure).

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