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internationalWe were challenged with a number of requests to translate Quote Roller in to French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and other languages.  Translating the application in to all these requested languages would have taken significant resources, which, as a small bootstrapped team, we obviously don’t have. However, at the same time, we didn’t want to leave all of our early adopters and valuable customers from foreign countries without an awesome quoting application. Therefore, we decided to go ahead with a solution that would both work for our international customers and wouldn’t require replicating the application over 8 times. 

Last week we released an updated version of Quote Roller which allows you to customize system labels in all the sections that are visible to your customer. Say, if your clients are Spanish, you can translate all the messages and labels that appear to them.

If you navigate to Settings of the Quote Roller, you’ll notice “Labels & Messages” subsection. Labels section allows you to create a custom set of labels, which could be in any language. Screenshot below displays how easy it is to translate labels of the public proposal view:


Your Account ->Settings->Labels & Messages

While the dashboard and everything “under the hood” of Quote Roller stays in English, you can modify any section of the application that is visible to your clients.


In addition to labels, we also made it easy to change and translate all the default messages sent to your clients and team members.

Localization of Quote Roller.

New labels and messages customization functionality might be very helpful, not only to the users that want to translate the application, but also to those, who are looking to tweak the Quote Roller specifically for a certain industry.

What else would you add to improve the Quote Roller?



I am a geek and co-founder of Quote Roller. I love building things from scratch and making work easier. You can ping me via twitter @mikitamikado

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  • Alex

    Excellent work. I’m sure that will be useful for many people. You guys know what my wishlist is: Smooth out the actual proposal viewing page that the client sees ;-) The layout that you for the settings pages in the dashboard would be perfect (screenshot above in your post). Tabs down the side and the pages on the right (or left) but using the same styling. You already have the CSS and layouts done, so adding the option to have the different presentation template would be great!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Alex,Yep, already working on it. 

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