Creatives Wanted! We Are Redesigning Quote Roller Proposals


We’re making a call for creative ideas on how to improve Quote Roller proposals style. Here is how our proposals look like now. We need to add some juice there, right? You’ll find a few design samples in this post we need your feedback on. Help us to improve the product, be sure we’ll pay back in discounts and freebies ;)

And, btw, we’re also looking for designers to join our team on project, part or full time basis. Read more about it in this post. 

Our customers gave a couple hundred votes for updated proposals design in the last product survey. We decided to jump right on it and make web versions of Quote Roller quotes better. From technical stand point, Theme Editor will get web view customization features as well as ability to embed custom CSS. “Themes” will control not just PDF, but also web presentation of proposals. Controls and functionality will remain the same (Accept, Comment, Decline, Sign, etc.).

We are creating a few themes available out of the box. Our friends from Bulka+Masla sent a few variations, attached below. What do you think? (feel free to leave comments below the post).

Public proposals v 1

Navigation, accept & decline buttons will have a fixed position and scroll together with the document


Backgrounds could be customized

proposal designs

Bottom panel has a fixed position and stays there when user scrolls the document

Think you can do better then this and got time for a new project? There is an opportunity to work with our product team on new design themes for Quote Roller proposals. Contact me via mikita at, if interested.

Hoping to see lots of comments to this post! The most active folks will get a special discount as a little “thank you” note from our team ;)

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I am a geek and co-founder of Quote Roller. I love building things from scratch and making work easier. You can ping me via twitter @mikitamikado

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  • CarolineHarrison

    First I want to say how many compliments I get one my quotes! I don’t know if this is this is the right forum to voice this design improvement idea, but here goes! I work for a lighting company and do a lot of quote for social events and especially weddings. I love the new ability for people to be able to choose the items they want to include in their package! The one thing that could work better for me is the photo/video section. I sell mostly based on photos and video and the thumbnails are a little small to compel people to enlarge them and see the components I am trying to convey! Unfortunately I am just voicing a design flaw from my perspective and don’t have a solid solution, but maybe a slideshow in each section with a large photo and the ability for them to scroll through would be valuable!

    Thanks for the awesome product!

    • quoterollermikita

      This is the right spot to leave a comment, thank you for your feedback!

  • bewebdev

    The proposals look very elegant, clean and professional, can you confirm how these designs will be reflected in the pdf’s versions. Also fo you have the psd so we can have a starting block the visuals?

  • Lachlan Tetlow-Stuart

    Great to hear that Quote Roller is moving in this direction. With all the functionality the service provides, this is by FAR the biggest failing of the service. These designs are a step in the right direction, but there is more work to be done. I’m excited to see future designs in QR. I’m currently attempting to squeeze as much design out of the current system as possible…

    • quoterollermikita


      Would you be keen to share some ideas, or, may be, the proposal design you got now?

    • Kyle Sorenson

      I agress with Lachian. The proposals work great but the look is a little to be desired. I am excited about this announcement. It would also be nice to have the attached files/pdfs be included in the proposals when converted over to the pdf version.

    • Jennifer Riggins

      Lachlan, you are our weekly winner of a Business Proposal book for your insightful commenting. This week: “Bids, Proposals and Tenders: Succeeding with effective writing,” We sent you an email, but we just wanted to tell you congrats and keep up the good work!

  • Lisa Marcia

    Cannot wait for this!

  • Collin Matthews

    Really loving the variations with everything in the sidebar. I feel like the fixed-bottom bar variation looks too cluttered and is unnecessary. The attached files on the first design didn’t catch my eye at first though. Perhaps a button/link in the top bar that opens a dropdown to view the attached files?

    I’d be happy to review some PSDs as well if you’re still looking for people to review!

    • quoterollermikita

      Hi Collin,

      Fantastic, I’ll send more PSD files your way.

  • Daniel Mason

    Looks better, like the stack of paper look, we will able to upload a different background? The export to PDF I find a little messy at the moment, will you be improving that too? For the team part, will that be entered manually or are you thinking of having that info stored somewhere and pulled as needed?

    Most importantly, will it be responsive?

    Great to see you improving the product even more!

  • Dale

    Great to hear that Quoteroller is making continued improvements. Quoteroller has really helped streamline our quoting process. Thanks for an awesome product.

  • Kevin Keeney

    Yes, I like these design mockups here especially the direction your heading with the paper presentation aspect. The one I like specifically is the second one compared to the the third with the fixed bar at the bottom.

  • Tristan Slater

    Looks really good to me. It’s simple enough that it could work for any brand, but stylish enough that it looks good. The only criticism I would make, would be that perhaps the right hand bar with the sections should stand out a little more. I feel that a lot of users could miss it or not know that it was important.

  • David Egerton

    This is an big improvement. However, I dont like the bottom bar personally, I feel its gets in the way of reading down the proposal copy. I would prefer the layout and those options also placed in the sidebar too, as you have shown on the wood background example below the index of pages. Also, its not clear to me but is there a previous / next link at the bottom of the document so its easy for use to click next page and carry on reading?

    Otherwise good ideas, like that the index would move down with copy etc and differnet background available from solid colours to effects will allow you to better cover different user needs.

  • Jonathan Laberge

    We will definitely be contacting you, we think our expertise can come into action here.

    Add to that the fact we are in love with QuoteRoller!

  • stephen

    This is a great step and you are really on to it if you can get the editable CSS. The real key is being able to edit it so it all matches our brand from the proposal to the full page :-)

    Also very very important to make proposals Mobile Friendly we did a survey and over 60% of our customers opened our proposals on there phone.

    Do you guys have a timeframe on this? I want to bring another company to Quote Roller but it is waiting on this to be completed

  • Tait Lawton

    I want clients to be able to scroll through the whole proposal. Forcing them to have to click each time they want to view a new section is less-than-ideal usability.

    • quoterollermikita

      Hi Tait, totally agree. We should have this as an option for themes.

      • Steven Pam

        *Option* being the key word. There are pros and cons to both methods, depending on the particular user or project.

  • Prescott Paulin

    The first one rocks. I would disagree with Tait on useability; we want to keep sections separate to measure properly with analytics. It’s important to tout features before you hit someone with the price, and quite honestly it would be awesome if pricing would not unlock until you’ve viewed all the appropriate information in the quote for certain products that we offer. Otherwise people aren’t understanding why our higher price is worth it… they need to get the value proposition first.

  • Steven Pam

    One thing I find a little puzzling at the moment, is why “discuss” is separate from “accept/decline”. It seems to me that these belong together. In other words, the prospect then has three options for how to respond to the proposal.

  • erite

    Awesome news, can’t wait to customize. Would love to contribute to the designs.

  • Rob

    Nice. When will they be available? :-)
    1 big remark is the available width of the page. This should be much bigger. So you can present more data on the same page online.

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