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Batchbook social CRMYou want to give each of your clients personalized attention so they stay satisfied. But you don’t have time. Sometimes you just plum forget. Our newest integration partner Batchbook Social CRM (client relationship manager) allows you to savor those details that could close your next deal (and get that proposal signed!) and allows you to prioritize your prospects.

And guess what? Not only does it integrate right in their with your Quote Roller account — so you can make sure your sales proposals are responding their needs — but, if you want to try Batchbook, out use the special code QROLLER for 25 percent off three whole months!

How will you integrate Quote Roller and Batchbook? It’s easy.

1. Log into your Batchbook account, go to your name in the upper left and click Settings. Find the API Key on the right-bottom corner. Copy it.

2. Now, log into your Quote Roller account. Go to Settings, Integrations.

3. Click on the bright blue B.

4. Fill in the form below with your Batchbook URL and the API Key you had copied from your Batchbook account.

5. Hit . You should receive this message: 

6. Hit . You’ll receive an email from us when your syncing’s complete.


Don’t forget our customer success team is available 24 hours a day, five days a week, if you need anything. Just log into your Quote Roller account, go to Quote Roller tech support and tell us what you’d like! Thanks!


Finally, we can never stress enough that technology and business SaaS are amazing tools, but, without proper implementation and training, they really are a waste of your time and money. Batchbook’s blog has a great piece we recommend about Who Should Be in Charge of Your CRM. Check it out and then check out the new Batchbook-Quote Roller partnership!




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