Quote Roller Integrates with Google Drive + Other Updates!

The updates just keep on coming! This week, we present you with an integration with Google Drive, a new and improved QnA FAQ page, Copy as New proposals, and so much more.

Great Support FAQ Page

Have a question? Of course you are free to contact our customer success team via the app Help/Support or email info@quoteroller.com but now we’ve updated a tool we hope you’ll find handy: http://www.quoteroller.com/supportfaq where you can search for answers to your burning questions, including the ever-popular How to Set Up a Custom Domain.

Google Drive Integration

We know you want to organize your files and keep them all in one place, especially within your Google Drive. Now you can enable your Google Drive integration under Settings -> Integrations. Then, you can save each of your proposals by Save PDF to Google Drive.

And don’t forget about our Google Chrome Integration!

Save PDF GoogleDrive

Update to Content Editor

Click the Plus Sign above or below to make organizing your content easier. You can still drag and drop as well.

Copy a Proposal as New

We know you want to reuse winners! Now, accepted proposals cannot be edited. To easily reuse a proposal, now you can copy it as new, no longer risking resending a signed proposal or breaking a deal.

Copy Proposals as New

Add missing email addresses

When you’re all set to create and send a proposal out, no more do you have to go through the fuss of opening your Contacts to update client info. Not only can you add a new contact right there, but we’ll now let you know if your contact is missing an email address and you can add it right there.

Add new email address within Quote Roller


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  • http://www.joomlablogger.net/ Kristoffer Sandven

    I would love to see support for Zapier – sending information to and from Quote Roller and other apps would be great.

    • http://sashakovaliov.com/ Sasha Kovaliov aka nlupus

      Hi Kristoffer, it’s actually coming soon :) We’ve started working on it and plan to ship with several next updates.
      How do you plan to use this integration? Thanks!

      • http://www.joomlablogger.net/ Kristoffer Sandven

        That’s great news Sasha.

        Some possible uses:
        • Import client info from other systems (Highrise, Zendesk, LinkedIn)
        • Export client info to other systems (Highrise, Zendesk)
        • Show numbers from Quote Roller on Ducksboard etc
        • Send numbers from QR to Google Spreadsheets
        • Create Basecamp projects from accepted proposals
        • Send proposal details to Highrise
        • Export pricing table to Google Spreadsheet
        • Send accepted proposal PDF to Dropbox
        • Send accepted proposal PDF to Gmail
        • Add proposal expiration date as Basecamp event (pref. with reminder)
        • Add proposal expiration date as Google Calendar event (pref. with reminder)

        Etc ;)

        That’s what I can think of now.

        • http://www.quoteroller.com Jennifer Riggins

          We’re premiering it on Monday. And love your ideas!

          • http://www.quoteroller.com Jennifer Riggins

            And by the way, Kris, just so you know, you already can export PDFs to your GoogleDrive and DropBox, as well as you can already create Basecamp projects from QR proposals. :) but we like the way you think, so keep the ideas coming!

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