Client Tales: 300 Below Will Cryogenically Freeze The Future

Pete Paulin and his company 300 Below applies the technology that kept Han Solo in a coffin and Walt Disney’s head in the freezer to help companies extend their product life by about 300 percent. 300 Below is just another in a long list of our impressive, rockstar clients that we are highlighting in our weekly Client Tales. So, let’s learn about 300 Below and the benefits of cryogenic tempering!

300 Below
Jen  Riggins: Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what your business is about?
Pete Paulin: I used to fly Lear Jets for Medivac before I stumbled on an idea to freeze things for a living. 300 Below uses liquid nitrogen to make all sorts of things stronger and longer lasting. As a micro-company, we offer high multiples of value to our clients, who are primarily in manufacturing, firearms, and fleet management. Specifically for 20 percent of their costs, they receive a 300-percent increase in their product life (or reduction in their operating expenses) just by using our high-tech cryogenic tempering services. We make metals and tools and perform better, and were featured on the Discovery Channel for it.
Jen: Why did you start it? What makes it unique?
Pete: The reason I started this business is because of our value proposition. I don’t know any other business where you can pay $20 and get $300 back as many times as you want. That’s pretty unique.
Jen: What do you love about being an entrepreneur?
300 Below cryogenic freezing Pete: Right now, I love that I get to work with my son and spend more time with him. Overall though, 300 Below allows me to surf on the front wave of technology, and I’ve had the privilege to see so many different business operations around the world. I now comprehend patterns among them to see what makes a successful manufacturing operation just about anywhere. People call me all the time to brainstorm with us on how we can improve their business operations and save them money, and that’s pretty fun when you can build relationships like that where you’re helping people all the time.
Jen: How do you envision success?
Pete: Serving and exceeding my clients needs, which Quote Roller helps me do now even more effectively.
Jen: How did you hear about Quote Roller? Why did you decide to try our app?
Pete: We switched to Nutshell and saw a little button.  We wondered, “Hmm, what does that do?”  Now we know.  It’s a powerful little button.
Jen: How does Quote Roller help your business?
Pete: In the past, inquiries would sit on a sheet of paper stacked up on a desk while we got busy responding to customers’ other current (priority) needs.  We have spent years of training, hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find the right sales people, and sales system.  Nothing in our 15 years of efforts has approached the efficiency of using Quote Roller, quite literally, and we simply cannot overstate its value.  After two months of evaluation, we expect Quote Roller to be single-handedly responsible for increasing our net operating income.
Jen: What would you tell your friends about Quote Roller?
Pete: It’s the single best thing we’ve ever done to help our sales team.
300 Below The only feature we hope is added is a quick (AJAX) search for reusable company documents inside the “Company Library” instead of having to scroll through a bunch of documents that aren’t relevant to the template we are trying to customize for a specific industry.  (For instance, our Tooling quote should be customized for any of 25 different parts (slitter / cutter blades, dies, broaches, punches, etc … all having different pictures, testimonials, etc.)
Also, our clients over 50 years old are confused by Quote Roller.  Some of them don’t know to click on the hyperlink sent in your one paragraph email.  Quote Roller needs to have a more obvious CLEAR button to “Click Here For Your Quote” in yellow or something catchy.  We have a potential to sell a $30K machine, but the owner of a weapons company wanting to buy it was upset that the process was so confusing for him.  He’s old, but he’s a prospect and we need to serve these people, too.  It would also be better if Quote Roller integrates with Mandrill or something that accepts DKIM keys to validate that the email is coming from our domain rather than listing (via on an email.
Jen: Have you seen any winning rate increases? Any other delightful numbers?
Pete: Quote Roller has increased our net operating income because our closing rate on available sales has increased due to organization and constant presence offered by the software.  We anticipate our sales will increase by 50-percent-plus from the implementation of Quote Roller alone.  I recognize that is a significant statement, but those are the impacts that we have seen in the last two months by simply implementing your efficient software.

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