Client Tales: CSCM offers you IT Solutions you can trust!

One of the best things we share with our clients is the firm belief that staff equals family — CSCM IT Solutions, based out of the UK is no exception to this rule. They are another customer-focused company looking to make you feel secure that your computer systems are safe and secure, and, if something goes wrong, they will put on their capes, fly in and rescue you.


Jennifer Riggins: Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what your business is about?

Carl Holland: My name is Carl Holland and I am the Office/Operations Manager for CSCM IT Solutions. We provide simple, clear and effective IT solutions to all business sectors in the UK. Computer systems are integral to the success of any business. If and when things go wrong, we are there to help you.

The world is ever changing and so we have to change with it, from migrating our clients’ email to our data centre to removing all servers from your office so you can work anywhere and anytime, we have the solution for your business.

All our solutions are based on the highest quality design and components; we only use vendors such as Cisco, VMWare, HP, and Meraki. We build your system to last, day in day out, so you know your investment will return the value you expect.

Jen: How do you envision success?

Carl: I believe success is relative to your goals. When I first started at CSCM I believed success was a promotion to an executive or co-ordinator role and for that time it was, then I pushed the boundary further and now obtaining directorship at CSCM would equal success. I also believe that success for the business is more than just making money. We have grown year on year and as a result our staff numbers have doubled, but we maintain the friendly family feel to our business, we have a low turnover of staff and most people have been here for a very long time — this for me is success

Jen: How did you hear about Quote Roller? Why did you decide to try our app?

Carl: I was looking at alternative quotation options for CSCM as “Excel and Word combined” to produce proposals became time consuming and never gave the professional look we were now after. Given our growth, chasing quotations was also hard to track as we can be producing up to 20 proposals a day between three staff members in my department. I found Quote Roller the easy way by web searching cloud-based proposal options and of all the hits QR caught my eye the most.

Jen: How does Quote Roller help your business?

Carl: In many ways QR has helped immensely, CSCM can now produce brilliant-looking proposals and produce them once as a template. This has cut time spent on proposals a lot, but produced much better looking customer facing documents. The proposals can be sent as a PDF attachment for the old school customer who still likes to print and email PO numbers but what we really like is sending our web based proposals that can be viewed by a link and accepted from the customer with a click of a button.

Now it gets even better as QR allows us to link directly to our CRM application Highrise, we literally click a button and the deal is produced as pending in the CRM, so it has cut the time we spend on other applications and not just producing the proposals, it still gets better, QR gives us analytics on proposals won, lost and pending so we can monitor our success rate and find ways to improve

Production of the customer facing proposal was easy too, and actual pantone colours that directly match our corporate scheme are available in addition to adding our logo etc.

Jen: What would you tell your friends about Quote Roller?

Carl: I would say, try it because it saves time, cuts costs and makes your life at work easier, the support is fast and personable, gone are the days of spending more time producing a Proposal in comparison to applying the work quoted

Jen: Have you seen any winning rate increases? Any other delightful numbers?

Carl: Significant increase in proposals being accepted, this is because chasing the customer is easier and regimented through QR, we also have seen total sales increase as we can produce double the proposals in a day compared to our old methods, demand is high for CSCM and QR meets that demand perfectly.

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