Client Tales: Sixth Gear talks Web Design and the Life of an Entrepreneur

Another Friday, another opportunity for us to brag about our amazing clients. Today we’re getting to know Corey Adams and his Sixth Gear branding and web design agency. Corey tells us about his cool business, the lessons he’s learned and the wonders (and tribulations) of entrepreneurs.

  Corey and Kate Adams

Corey and Kate AdamsJennifer Riggins: Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what your business is about?

Corey Adams: I am the Owner and Creative Director of Sixth Gear LLC. We are small web design and marketing agency based out of Jacksonville, Florida. We help clients big and small develop their visual identities, powerful web presences and comprehensive marketing strategies. The best part is that we do this all while having fun and developing unique relationships with our clients.

Jen: Why did you start it? What makes it unique?

Corey: I started Sixth Gear after working as an Account Executive for a Connecticut-based branding and web design agency for about 18 months, which truly gave me a taste for how incredible this industry is. My time there was invaluable in learning the business end of running an agency and coupled with my creativity and love for design gave me all the motivation I needed to start my own company.  The thing that probably makes us the most unique is that nearly half our client base is comprised of vein surgeons (as in the veins in your legs), a niche that we somewhat stumbled upon last year but has grown exponentially since.

Jen: What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

Corey: I love virtually everything about being an entrepreneur, the feeling of having total control over my future, the flexibility to work whenever and wherever and most importantly the fact that I am actually getting paid to do what I used to do for free… create. Now as you know, being an entrepreneur isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, there are unique challenges that come with owning your own business such as inconsistent pay periods, long hours (especially when you have a home office and are never truly not working), and the challenge of managing a constantly changing workload.  However, overcoming these challenges are what makes a business stronger and I wouldn’t give up being an entrepreneur for anything.

Jen: How do you envision success?

Corey: Very simply, I envision success as being able to comfortably provide for my family while doing something I love everyday.

Jen: How did you hear about Quote Roller? Why did you decide to try our app?

Corey and Kate AdamsCorey: I stumbled upon Quote Roller while searching Google for a more efficient way to create proposals as they were taking up way too much of my time. I decided to try Quote Roller because the app seemed to do exactly what needed and with the 14-day free trial and minimal monthly costs should I decide to continue using it, what did I really have to lose?

Jen: How does Quote Roller help your business?

Corey: Thankfully this was one of the better decisions I have made since starting my company a few years back because Quote Roller has drastically changed the way I handle proposals.  It is ridiculous how much time I save preparing proposals which that alone is worth the price of the app but it also has made the process of winning proposals that much easier too.  With the ability for prospects to read the proposal, comment back and sign the contract all from the same place, I am making it easier for them to say yes.  As cliche as this sounds, I couldn’t imagine running my business without Quote Roller.

Jen: What would you tell your friends about Quote Roller?

Me: “Do you want to save time and win more proposals?”
Friend: (To which any intelligent friend would say) “Yes”
Me: “Then sign-up for Quote Roller, and yes, craft beer is an acceptable thank you gift.” 

Jen: Have you seen any winning rate increases? Any other delightful numbers?

Corey: Since switching to Quote Roller, my win rate has increased by roughly 15 percent from 30 percent to 44 percent, which is far more than I expected as I was really only looking for a more efficient method of preparing proposals when I started using the app. Speaking of that, an average proposal used to take me between 45 to 90 minutes to prepare but now usually takes less than 15 minutes with Quote Roller. Between the win rate increase and time/money saved on writing proposals, Quote Roller has easily the best ROI of any app that I use for my business.

Jackson doing Sixth Gear Paperwork

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