Client Tales: Steadfast Creative on Driving Your Business Through Collaboration

steadfast creative

We talk a lot about tricks to sell and sell and serve toward selling some more. What’s great about Steadfast Creative is that they also focus on stronger team building, focusing on helping their staff grow along with their company, as well as providing great service.

steadfast creative

Jennifer Riggins: Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what your business is about?

Brad Parnell: Hello! My name is Brad Parnell and I run an interactive agency called Steadfast Creative,  in the beautiful land of Fort Worth, Texas.

We provide custom websites, branding, marketing strategy, and other creative services to small boutique companies, new startups, and already established national brands.

Jen: Why did you start it? What makes it unique?

Brad: I started this company out of a passion for design and love for helping to creatively solve problems. Our approach might look similar on the outside, but what really makes us different is our incredibly friendly team and collaborative approach. We make all our client’s feel special and we keep solid communication each step of the way. Building a custom website can be complicated, and if it’s not communicated up front with specific goals, expectations and processes, it can fail easily.

steadfast creative

Jen: What do you love about being an entrepreneur?

Brad: I love being free to make quick decisions and finding new ways to grow the business. I try new things all the time, if they don’t work, we scrap, if they do work, we embrace.

I also love begin able to see my team grow and make decisions on their own, while being able to find new ways to grow the business.

Jen: How do you envision success?

Brad: I see success as having balance. If you’re able to feel valuable and passionate while you’re at work, then come home and able to disconnect and invest into your family or other passions, without a constant stress of what’s going on at work, then that is success. Money is of course what most value as success, and is extremely important! If you don’t measure success in other areas outside of financial, then you’ll never be truly satisfied.

Steadfast Creative

Jen: How did you hear about Quote Roller? Why did you decide to try our app?

Brad: I believe I heard about Quote Roller from a friend, and tried several proposal creation apps, but I was turned on by the simplicity of the tools, and robust features. Plus the website design was really nice, and I’m a sucker for good UI on the tools I subscribe to.

Jen: How does Quote Roller help your business?

Brad: Quote Roller allows my team to sit down together and create a catalog of products and services, and standardize our proposal, so if it’s a proposal sent from myself, or from Loren, our business development director, they look the same and still have a lot of personality. Being able to quickly craft beautiful proposals from a web based app has extremely helped us. Before Quote Roller we used several methods that were time consuming, and inconsistent.

Steadfast Creative

Jen: What would you tell your friends about Quote Roller?

Brad: It’s time to start using this cloud based, time-saving, quote generating machine!

Jen: Have you seen any winning rate increases? Any other delightful numbers?

Brad: Since we’ve switched to Quote Roller, we’ve dramatically increased the amount of proposals we’ve sent out, and we’ve seen a great increase the acceptance rate. We also get compliments all the time on our proposals.

steadfast creative

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