Client Tales: Subang Jaya Youth Club Inspires Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs

This week, we are proud to present our first non-profit Client Tale! Subang Jaya Youth Club is a volunteer-based organization in Malaysia that helps communities organize around their youths, inspiring them to go on and give back to their society, focusing on innovation and perhaps by becoming entrepreneurs themselves. Go on, check out their site, meet Charlie and be inspired to give back, too!


Jennifer Riggins: Tell us about your company. What makes it unique?

Charlie Harayz: Subang Jaya Youth Club is a volunteer-based organization in Malaysia which I started about three years ago. Our goal is to promote education, awareness and support in any shape, form or discipline. As we see organizations becoming more decentralized, finding the right talent and opportunities can be more challenging than creating it. We make it our business to be the enabler and inspire others to be awesome at our events, programs and activities.

Jen: Why did you start it?

Charlie: It all started when I went to the Burning Man Festival which shifted my paradigm, and I saw that the best work is found in giving. My role is to enable myself, my team and my community to be awesome but what sets us apart is that we are extremely resourceful. We welcome challenges, trust and allow ourselves to make mistakes, as long as we learn something from them. This creates healthy environment for passion to be translated into innovation, and, in this part of the globe, that’s pretty unique.

Movement Action Plan

Jen: What do you love about being an entrepreneur? How do you define success?

Charlie: I love being an entrepreneur because of the flexibility, creativity and impact that I can get from the work that I give. Success to me is to be able to live a purposeful life with meaningful experiences that can challenge or inspire others to do the same.

Jen: How did you find Quote Roller? Why did you choose it?

We organize events, programs and activities which involve many types of documents, especially conceptual or technical proposals. I had been looking for something that could help me with the proposals, but I think that it was Quote Roller that found me instead.


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