Creatives Wanted! We Are Redesigning Quote Roller Proposals

We’re making a call for creative ideas on how to improve Quote Roller proposals style. Here is how our proposals look like now. We need to add some juice there, right? You’ll find a few design samples in this post we need your feedback on. Help us to improve the product, be sure we’ll pay back in discounts and freebies 😉

And, btw, we’re also looking for designers to join our team on project, part or full time basis. Read more about it in this post. 

Our customers gave a couple hundred votes for updated proposals design in the last product survey. We decided to jump right on it and make web versions of Quote Roller quotes better. From technical stand point, Theme Editor will get web view customization features as well as ability to embed custom CSS. “Themes” will control not just PDF, but also web presentation of proposals. Controls and functionality will remain the same (Accept, Comment, Decline, Sign, etc.).

We are creating a few themes available out of the box. Our friends from Bulka+Masla sent a few variations, attached below. What do you think? (feel free to leave comments below the post).

Public proposals v 1
Navigation, accept & decline buttons will have a fixed position and scroll together with the document
Backgrounds could be customized
proposal designs
Bottom panel has a fixed position and stays there when user scrolls the document

Think you can do better then this and got time for a new project? There is an opportunity to work with our product team on new design themes for Quote Roller proposals. Contact me via mikita at, if interested.

Hoping to see lots of comments to this post! The most active folks will get a special discount as a little “thank you” note from our team 😉

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