From Hero to Xero, another needed integration

Go from hero to Xero with Quote Roller’s latest integration

Quote Roller introduces its latest partnership and integration with Xero’s Online Accounting Software. With the ever changing Saas-world, you need ways of keeping customers happy and getting paid quickly. This is why we’ve integrated with a growing application like Xero.

How does this add value to your business?

Create proposals through Quote Roller while engaging your customers. Our seamless integration will allow users to convert accepted proposals to Xero invoices. Improve your conversion rates, get paid faster and everybody wins! Give your proposals what they need…payment!

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Quote Roller is now PandaDoc

We’ve taken the great features of Quote Roller and made them even better with PandaDoc. PandaDoc is a robust document management platform with Quote Roller’s CPQ functionality built-in.

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