It’s May! Welcoming Spring and a Day Off!

To quote Camelot, It’s May! It’s May! The Lusty Month of May! Tra la la!

Today, much of Quote Roller is taking the day off because in many of our locations it’s Labor Day and in others it’s just a merry May Day celebration of ribbons dangling off poles and frolicking to welcome spring! We thought we’d leave you with some pics of our team, focusing on us doing super fun and relaxing things, like we surely hope you are. Plus, you can get to know those of us pulling the strings behind the scene. Have a great one!

 Who is your Quote Roller team?

Vik from the Marketing Team, with his “inspiration” (awww…)
Our CFO Mikita hangin low
Natasha (left) going for a spin.
Frank, part of our awesome customer success team, on the attack in Paintball! (Didn’t he tell us he was an introvert?)
Animal Ark
Frank, unlike Britney, is a slave to no one…
Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 7.13.54 PM
Community Manager Jen, with Spoon at two months.
The newest of our rapidly growing team, meet Zlata, bookkeeper and beach bum!
Natasha a Quality Assurance expert rockin out some ballroom dancing.
Customer Success Team Julia!
Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 9.27.22 AM
Our CEO David and partner Haizhou on the south rim of Yosemite Valley over looking half dome.
Sasha Kovaliov, our marketing director kissing everyone good wishes!
Sasha, our marketing director kissing everyone good wishes!

(No animals or humans were harmed in this post.)

So, how are you enjoying your day?


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