Client Tales: Jump Up Marketing Get’s a Leg Up with Quote Roller

If you’re in sales, either in management or on the front lines, you’ve created proposals. You’ve spent hours crafting that perfect document with the persuasive language, images, and the right structure. You’ve sent the proposal as an attachment to a professional and compelling email only to never hear back from the prospect. Or even worse, received the “thanks, we’ll compare it to the other four offers we’re looking at” response. Does that sound at all familiar? I know it did for me.

I have been in sales and business development for over 14 years. Until last year I was a Word doc template and PDF proposal kind of guy. And my team and I spent too much time on our proposal creation and closing cycles.

One of the other major impediments to closing more deals was our lack of any real insight into what was going on with our proposals once they were emailed to the clients. This is what I liked to call “open proposal hell.” You know, when you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pipeline all in “open proposal” status. Bottom line: it sucks. And makes it very hard to accurately gauge what’s going on in your business and with yours sales pipeline.

How did we fix this? For our company Jump Up Marketing, a web design and branding agency, the solution was two fold. First, switch to an online proposal management tool, in our case Quote Roller, and second, stop sending out proposals without reviewing them in detail with our clients live — whether via conference call, screen share, or in person.

Literally within weeks after implementing Quote Roller into our process it seemed as though the floodgates opened and we started getting our proposals read, reviewed, and closed at a much higher rate.

By The Numbers

Real statistics based on a year of using Quote Roller.

  • Time to prepare a proposal went from just over 2 hours to less than 1 hour (in most cases 30 minutes)
  • Proposals viewed went from unknown to greater than 90%
  • Proposal close rate went from 23% to 49% (this happened within 3 months of adoption)
  • Average deal size increased from $4,600 to $6,389 over 6 months, and is still on the rise
  • Average time to close a deal went from up to 8 weeks to an average of 17 days


Quote Roller’s ability to let us (1) see where in the proposal a recipient was spending their time, (2) see if a PDF was downloaded or forwarded, (3) conduct real-time negotiation, and (4) have the client to view and accept the proposal all online, shaved invaluable amounts of time off of our sales cycle.

What it comes down to was leveraging technology to allow us to spend more time focusing on client needs and crafting solutions rather than creating proposals. Quote Roller has saved me valuable time and money and has allowed me to create and present much more professional and successful proposals, each and every time.

— Justin Angelson, Principal, Real Social ROI & Jump Up Marketing


Quote Roller is now PandaDoc

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