Meet Your Success Team!

DarlyThree months ago, we took the opportunity to make Quote Roller a little more personal and decided to build a customer success team just for you. We thought there should be someone behind the service you can always talk to, ask questions of, or share your ideas with. The app was getting more and more traction and the founders were not able to handle this any more. Our continued growth was and continues to be contingent not on just how good our product works, but the service we can provide to help you along the way.

We wanted to have a real-live human to be available at any time a day or at least within a few hours, regardless of whether you’re in New York, Sydney, Moscow or Mumbai. At the same time, we didn’t want people to work late nights sacrificing their personal lives. Therefore, we decided to hire people located at different parts of the world, even though we knew that managing an internationally distributed team could be a challenge. Today we share our story of how we added three members to our team, just for you! 

JULIA1First thing we did was to create a blog post that we were hiring. All the team members shared the post via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., reaching out for personal references for awesome people. Within a few days, we got more than 20 applicants and selected three candidates to interview. All three were great, but Julia Gladikova really moved us with her passion, sense of humor and interest in what we do. And that is how Julie became our first customer success representative.

Julia is based in Minsk, Belarus. Her timezone is GMT +3 and she serves customers in the east of Canada, Europe, and Africa. Julia knows Spanish, English, and Russian and is a big-time dog lover, even entering her golden retriever Darlington Moe Sokrovische — you can just call him Darly — in competitions, making hundreds of people smile.

And then we had to find someone based in the States. A post on Elance yielded 30 boring and impersonal responses. But in the rough, we had one jewel of an email chock full of suggestions on how to improve the product. The note came from one Spencer Farber, who was also at the time pursuing his own start-up Buy it Build It, which acts as the link between folks in the construction industry and customers looking to contract their services. Spencer has years of experience working with inbound sales and brings hardcore knowledge to the tableSpencer Farber

Spencer is a marketing and sales enthusiast. He has the entrepreneurial spirit to create new and exciting ways to make everyday processes more efficient and better overall. And in the time not spent in front of a computer, Spencer fancies himself a Gym Rat.

After Elance, we went to Odesk to look for someone in Southeast Asia or Australia. Another 20 or so folks were interviewed and we picked the final team player, Frank Edwards, who’s based in Manila, Philippines.

Frank 1Frank has spent the last eight years in customer support, sales and marketing. Before Quote Roller, he worked in call centers and software companies. His favorite part of his career is spending each day interacting with customers with a “bring it on” attitude. In his spare time, he tries to remember whether he bought a book for leisure reading, and finds a couple usually bought a few weeks ago, and happily settles down as an extreme introvert, preferably on a comfy couch …or the beach.

This team means that we can successfully respond to client needs worldwide, Monday to Friday, pretty much 24 hours a day. It also means we can stay more connected with you, our favorite customers, and get more feedback in pursuit of constantly improving our software. Julia, Frank, and Spencer provide first-level support to Quote Roller’s customers, as well as they handle billing and onboarding issues.

We are proud of the team we’ve built and are sure that our customer success team is the part of the success of Quote Roller as a whole. Feel free to reach out to them or any of us if you have any questions! We’re all about improving your winning rate while making your life easier!


And here is a nice map of our international coverage!



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