Client Tales: Men in White for Healthy, Wealthy and Wise Painting

Not only do we like our clients successful, entrepreneurial and eco-friendly, it doesn’t hurt when they are an attractive team of Aussies. These things are all true for Men In White painting. Now let’s jump right in and learn all about this great team and how they are revolutionizing the painting industry.

MeninWhite-painters-stairs_1 Jennifer Riggins: Could you please briefly introduce yourself and tell us what your business is about?  

Rohan Calvert: Men in White is all about safe painting practices — quality painting jobs with safe, non-toxic paints. We are based in Randwick, Sydney.

Jen: Why did you start it? What makes it unique?

Rohan: It was started in January 2003, and it is unique as it focuses on safe painting practices, lead pain management and low voc paint. We use high technology to develop old-fashioned service.

Jen: What do you love about being an entrepreneur?  

Rohan: Knowing that the next move is a free variable and being able to be nimble.

Jen: How do you envision success?

Rohan: The business always receives more money than it spends, and I work 40 hours a week. And when the business can run independently of me.


Jen: How did you hear about Quote Roller? Why did you decide to try our app?

Rohan: My graphic designer Ben Jones recommended I check out Quote Roller because I wanted the best proposal software. I wanted to simplify the process and integrate with job order sheets and Xero.

Jen: How does Quote Roller help your business?  

Rohan: By doing the above, plus it integrates with Basecamp, Highrise and Xero, to make a seamless package.

Jen: What would you tell your friends about Quote Roller?

Rohan: That it is very good, and getting better. The great think about Quote Roller is that the IT support is very responsive. I am still waiting on the multiple pricing tables and imagine that the hold up is the level of complexity involved.

The best thing about Quote Roller is is that the staff is very responsive.

Jen: Have you seen any winning rate increases? Any other delightful numbers?  


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