New pricing model that will be effective October 1st

Dear friends,

Couple of weeks ago we started a discussion on updating Quote Roller’s pricing. As you remember, that was an open conversation; we’ve got over 150 replies on this post and email newsletter.

Big thank you to all who was active participating in the conversation. After chatting to a number of customers we decided to adjust the pricing model to reflect both the value Quote Roller brings to the table and your financial expectations. We came up with a new pricing model that received very positive feedback from many customers we interviewed.

Here is the new pricing that we plan to turn on for all new users and upgrades:

new pricing

Important thing to note: We will grandfather all the existing users, which means all the users who signed up or upgraded before October 1st 2012.We gave it a little thought and… well, you know, we love you guys too much to raise the pricing so fast. However, if you truly support the product, please upgrade to one of the new plans, we’d really appreciate it. 

New pricing will come effective on October 1st, so if you want to upgrade to a better plan and stay on it forever it is better to do it now. 

Your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated. Aloha!


Quote Roller is now PandaDoc

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