Introducing PandaDoc (from your Friends at Quote Roller!)

We love feedback from our clients — it’s the thing, more than anything else, that makes Quote Roller successful and constantly evolving. And we commonly hear one piece of feedback that many of our clients share:

“We love Quote Roller, but…
we can only use it for business proposals. What about other documents?”

Well, your answer is finally here! We’re making sure that the Quote Roller family is the first to know about PandaDoc!

PandaDoc is a mobile and web-based document processing platform that allows you to send, track, negotiate and eSign any kind of documents — it’s a whole new way to organize your document lifecycle. PandaDoc will bring together your favorite parts of Quote Roller — tracking, eSignature, the dashboard, and ample integrations with CRMs, accounting software, Quote Roller and the like — but this time FOR ALL KINDS OF DOCUMENTS.

So without further ado, let’s give you a sneak peek into what we’ve been working on just for you!

Panda in space

How does PandaDoc work?

You’re going to love PandaDoc if you send or receive documents. (And, really who doesn’t?) PandaDoc is both a mobile app — perfect for tablets and iPads — and a web-based platform that allows you to organize your entire document lifecycle. With PandaDoc, you can:

  1. Upload a document from your hard drive or cloud.
  2. Add the document recipients (from your Contacts or by typing in their emails.)
  3. Add fields for eSignature, text, checklists and more.
  4. Send the document via email.
  5. And then the app notifies you if your document is opened, if it’s annotated, what the recipient looked at when, and when it’s signed by each participant.

PandaDoc will work both as a separate app and as an integration with many of your favorite SaaS. CRMs and accounting software are great at what they do, but if they have document processing at all, it’s very rudimentary; if they don’t, it’s costly and challenging to build document handling into their existing service. PandaDoc is a platform that can be easily integrated with existing SaaS. It’s also a document platform that you can build apps on top of, to create document processing the way you want it and in adherence with local eSignature laws.

It’s all about streamlining document processing for optimum flexibility — oh yeah, and about trying to make documents fun.

Who can get their hands on PandaDoc first?

We are starting a closed beta right now, as we try to work out the kinks and get avid feedback from our awesome beta testers, so we can quickly build onto a platform that we’re sure you’ll love and find easy to use. If you want to know more about PandaDoc, please sign your email up at the bottom of PandaDoc to get the latest info and maybe to join the next round of testing. We’d love to have you involved!

Mikita MikadoHow did PandaDoc come about?

As we mentioned before, PandaDoc was created to fulfill a market need — to go paperless, but in a smart and efficient way. Uploading and downloading Word docs or, goodness, actually printing, signing, scanning or faxing are just inefficient pains in the you-know-what.

There’s simply no need to continue this way. We need a simple and inexpensive way to go paperless and to take advantage of the cloud-based world to streamline our business processes.

Also, we’ve spent the last two years focused on learning what sales people and small business owners want from our business proposals app, and we’re confident we know what are your business needs and how to deliver them. It’s a paperless, cloud-based world, we’re just offering you something to help you start living in it.

So, tell us, how do YOU use documents?


Quote Roller is now PandaDoc

We’ve taken the great features of Quote Roller and made them even better with PandaDoc. PandaDoc is a robust document management platform with Quote Roller’s CPQ functionality built-in.

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