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Quote Roller makes it to the final of Startup Week 2011 in Vienna, Austria.

Startup Week 2011 in Vienna
Startup Week 2011

Austrian Vienna became the capital of the European startup scene for five days. The team at Start Europe made a great event, which gathered hundreds of entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, journalists and just cool people together.

The jury selected the 50 best European startups among st which, Quote Roller was included. We were delighted to make it there, but guess what? We also made the top 10

startup week 2011 viena
Mikita at Startup Week 2011

Startup Week 2011 is indeed a big ,if not the major European startup event and it was a big honor for us to be invited there. Quickly, I packed my stuff and got an airplane ticket  to Vienna.

The first two days of the event were only for the startups. We were invited to A1 Telecom Austria’s business center (pretty sleek mansion btw). There we were pitching to the jury with our ideas and startups. Besides this, I attended two great master classes by Schien Ninan and Can Ertugrul on how to present your ideas on the stage. Can and Shien made me to scrap my speech and start again, as well as completely reworking my presentation.

We made lots of friends from all over Europe during the event. Startup Week gathered 50 best European startups and we were lucky to meet with their founders, exchange ideas, business cards and just hang out. Quote Roller was selected as one of the top 10 startups, which got me to the main stage of the event. This gained some valuable exposure as well, as links on TechCrunch and TheNextWeb.

Quote Roller is a business productivity tool. It is somewhat hard to understand its value, unless you create and send proposals to gain work.  We know we have a great service that helps real people [smiley] but it’s hard to deliver a message about it and excite the audience in just five minutes, coupled with nerves and adrenaline! Though, it is possible, you just have to be really passionate about what you do.

Photo credit – www.kentzlerphotography.com


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