Sales Quote Puzzle Kicks Off! Win A Month Free Of Quote Roller!

We all love motivational sales quotes and we are all motivated by sales! This June at Quote Roller, we are combining the two to offer you ONE MONTH FREE!

How do you do that? All you have to do is to guess the coupon code. Each week we will be releasing a puzzle of themed sales quotes: This week’s is about creating customer loyalty and putting the customer first — the only way we believe you can be successful. Each day, we will post on our Facebook, Twitter and our new Pinterest page a new piece of the puzzle, complete with an awesome, inspiring sales quote. As you put the pieces of the puzzle together, it will reveal the Coupon Code of the Week. As soon as you guess the coupon code, you can use that code to get a whole month free.

The coupon code will expire on Sunday. Don’t worry if you don’t guess this code because there will be a chance every week in June. Good luck!

Sales Puzzle Piece #1


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