Sunday Blog Round-Up, Chapter 4

Today we start with a big ol’ THANK YOU! Did you read our news on TheNextWeb? To sum, we’ve raised more than $650K in our first seed round to feed our expansion and moving on up to San Fran! We owe it all to You and YOU and you! We have more than 28,000 users and counting and we love every one of you!

So, have you thought of how we can keep improving for you?

  • To start off, have ya seen our newest updates? We’ve integrated with SAASU and ZoHo, really improved our text editor, and a new product picker that makes your pricing list easily customizable and professional!
  • As we continue to try to get feedback from our readers and others in the proposal universe, we polled 100 people to see What Emotion They Associate with Proposal Writing. What do you think was number one? How does it make you feel?
  • How did you celebrate LinkedIn’s 10th birthday?!
  • And would you mind, would you consider, kindly, voting for us to go to the SplashLA event by voting for us on VatorTV?
  • And in the office this week, we were taking it back and talking about when we all first started on the Internet. Remember dial-up? And we remembered this little catchy gem, maybe the first ever, appropriate-for-all-viewers viral video.

Now, go party like a rockstar! (Or at least go sit outside in the sun, reading a book and wearing an appropriate level of SPF protection.)


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