Sunday Blog Round-Up, Chapter 6

Why are you online? Seriously? Seriously, it’s Sunday! And it’s a beautiful May morning or afternoon (or at least we hope it is wherever you may be) so get on up and get outside!

No? You’re just relaxing inside with pancakes, coffee and the paper or your iPad, catching up on the week’s news, having a lazy Sunday. Well, if you insist on denying yourself of fresh air, we can help to entertain you. We offer you our version of the week’s news.
72147_470167643035085_2122863020_nFrom a month or two of How to Write a Proposal (which we turned into the Orange Book you see popping up!) we turned this week to Tracking Proposals and Measuring Success. Tell us if you have any ideas of topics we should cover this month or if there’s anyone we should be talking to!

Last week, we had a rockstar techno video that converted everyone’s favorite childhood games into the History of the Internet. This week, we found this awesome XKCD cartoon that turns the Internet into a game of Risk (everyone’s favorite 8-hour adult game.)





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