Sunday Blog Round-Up, Chapter Two

It’s Sunday morning and we want you to relax. Kick back with a cup of coffee, maybe some Flintstones or Batman on in the background, and catch up on how we at Quote Roller and some of our friends have been spending the week!

DarlyThis week, we wanted you to get to know apart of our team that you will interact with more than any others, the part that we created just for you: Your Customer Success Team. So click on and meet Julia, Spencer and Frank! 

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Big data is a big topic right now. Harvard Business Review talked this week “How to Tell a Story with Data.”

LinkedIn correspondent Gretchen Rubin talks about how to make your life easier in “A Secret to More Happiness and Energy? Give Yourself a Bedtime.”

“What do you say when they say, ‘It’s expensive…’.” Quote Roller has an extremely interesting interview with Ivan Paramonau, CEO of Itteco and creator of Nowork FM Intranet service. He talks about pricing, advantages of time and material model over fixed bid, importance of sending your proposal as fast as possible and what to tell your client, when they claim your services are expensive.

We also highlighted this week proposal expert Tom Sants’ “7 Deadly Sins of Sales Proposals.” It makes for an excellent checklist of what not to do.

And finally, did you know that 40 percent of the American workforce will go freelance by 2020… Really? Wow. Read all about it! 

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Now, go and take it easy! Easy like Sunday morning…

And now, in a moment of self-indulgence, I wanted to invite you all to join me in a free, online webinar on “The Renaissance of Entrepreneurs in Spain“, which I’m hosting this Tuesday, April 30 at 1800 (GMT+2), 1200 (EST), 0900 (PST). We have panelists from the government, a start-up incubator and even someone that helps build a future of entrepreneurs, all talking about how to overcome the challenges start-ups in Spain and abroad face every day. You need to sign up ahead at . Thanks for indulging me! 😉


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