Time Doctor – cool productivity software for distributed teams and individuals

time doctorAs a rule, working remotely and staying efficient at the same time is a challenge. Working out of home requires concentration, ability to remain deaf and blind to distractions of all sorts and a convenient working environment that allows you to manage assignments, fill out progress reports and submit billable hours. Been a distributed team, we always relied on collaboration tools to bring together talented people from many countries. Discovering Time Doctor was a pleasant surprise to all of us. 

Time Doctor is a powerful collaboration, time management and remote employee monitoring solution that both companies and their workers benefit from. For workers, it’s a chance to boost their performance, organize their tasks and set priorities easier than ever before. For employers, Time Doctor offers a number of remote monitoring tools that make it extremely easy for the administrator to keep an eye on the company’s employees, view their PC and Internet usage statistics (with detailed breakdowns, including the names of applications used and sites visited) and identify productivity bottlenecks.

time doctor panel

Time Doctor is really a snap to use. We were able to create our first tasks within a minute from registration. Not only does this time management service allow you to create a prioritized set of tasks for every day, but also provides an extremely easy way of switching between them, tracking time in several categories, taking breaks and generating detailed reports using a bunch of criteria.

We loved the way Time Doctor helps tackle the distractions problem. Whenever you become inactive for more than a few minutes, the program shows a prompt window to see if you are still around. If you watch YouTube or chat with your friends on Facebook for too long, Time Doctor will also suggest going back to your assignment or take a break. Break time is not counted towards your billable hours, so you always have a choice – and even the least focused employees will prefer not losing their income.

time doctor

Time Doctor takes care of reports, too. As a user, you will get a detailed daily report stating the exact time you spent working on your tasks and the time you spent in an idle mode. This daily report also serves as a reminder, contains a list of tasks pending completion and your top priorities for the next working day, so that you know your tomorrows agenda before turning your PC for the night.

To wrap it all up, Time Doctor is an excellent tool for any freelancer or telecommuter seeking to become focused, better organized and a lot more productive. We’ve tested this productivity software and strongly recommend checking it out to people just like us – that is, living in different countries and time zones, yet working on a single project that requires ultimate commitment. Time Doctor is in beta and is offering all subscription packages free of charge, so it’s a great chance to give it a test-drive!


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