How E-Signatures Can Save Your Life

OK, unless it’s for a parachute, e-signatures maybe won’t save your life, but having the capability for e-signatures means that it’s a lot easier for your client to say YES! (And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?)

While we started Quote Roller as a way to make your life easier by helping you make more professional business proposals more easily, from your perspective as a consultant, you want to make everything easier for your client. And, if there’s anything you really want to make easier for your client, it’s saying yes.

E-signatures, sometimes called digital signatures, are a natural, professional, cost-effective reality in all contracting and sales work. We’ve evolved from centuries of melted wax and stamps or even blood to the pen to now the screen.

Maybe one day soon it’ll be retinal scans? Until that happens, if you don’t have e-signatures integrated into your sales process, you are probably missing out. (Also, check how to draw signatures online on any device.)

In the interconnected world of tablets and iPads, you’re entire sales process can be mobile. In the same way, your clients are often reading your sale proposal while they are at lunch, in the metro, maybe even in the bathroom. If they like what you’re offering them, you don’t want to give them time to rethink by printing, rereading in the printed format, then signing, then scanning and emailing back or waiting for you to pick it up… well, there’s a lot of room to reconsider. But if they can just use their mouse, stylus or finger to give you their John Hancock, you’ve got the deal in the bag. And you got it more quickly and efficiently.

Clients like e-signatures, too. It’s easier, saves costs like printing, paper and travel, and is more secure than most options. No matter how trustworthy you are, not having to leave their scanned signatures in your email or around your office gives your clients more confidence — in you, your company and the service or product it’s presenting. E-signatures mean documents stay in an encrypted environment, which also means your private pricing isn’t lying around your client’s office, in case a competitor pops in with wandering eyes.

Since e-signing is convenient, you even have the possibility of being chosen over a competitor who doesn’t have the option. Plus, it simply makes both of your lives easier, when it comes down to tax time and auditing, to have everything in one place, securely online, is priceless.

More often than not, especially as the worldwide recession re-escalates, multiple people need to sign off on anything that costs more than $25. Add to this that many are working increasingly from home or at offices across towns, countries and the world. Instead of having to print and fax or express ship copies from place to place, your clients will appreciate just being able to email your proposal around, using e-signatures to get you your signed proposal much quicker.

All levels of Quote Roller memberships offer your basic e-signatures. It’s just right there, so you should totally use it. Plus, if you or your clients want a higher-level inscription or even finger printing, you can integrate your sales proposal with our integration partner RightSignature. It’s all about us being flexible for you and you being flexible for your client.

Plus, extra bonus, without the need to print contracts and proposals, you are helping save the earth — you know, proposals don’t grow on trees!


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