Why the world needs Quote Roller.

Success, how do they do it?

Every small business around the globe is looking for ways to stay afloat or find consistent growth in today’s volatile economy. Competition is fierce and finding new ways to stay competitive is key for any sized company. Rather than shoving 90 ways of why Quote Roller’s proposal software is super awesome, we want to share the true value from a small business’ point of view.

All businesses have a starting point. The struggles of finding customers quickly and inexpensively is always the first line of an unwritten business plan. Step 1, find customers. Step 2, make sure they pay. Step 3, find more customers and maintain your previous customers. This napkin-driven business model is common for entrepreneurs looking for ways to generate income. You’ve got a great product or service, but how do you compete with 20 different versions of you in the phone book or Google?

To Compete or Not to Compete

Your business deserves to know where you can compete against the ‘Big Dogs’ or at least the ones you know are reaping all of the business you’re after. What are they doing that you’re not? Your products and services are by far more superior than theirs. How did you lose that customer and not know until they never called you back? How can you quickly compete with your competitors without spending more than 30% of your revenues towards marketing, hoping that your ROI pays off.

Your website is polished, your cell phone is on and your email inbox is clear of SPAM and ready for customers. So how do you and if applicable your sales people respond to that HOT lead that says, “How much is your widget”? Do you jump right on it and send them everything under the sun? Do you find the right proposal or sales quote to impress them and hope you get them as a client? This takes time and energy of which we ALL know costs money to prepare a proposal that might not go anywhere. So why not streamline your process and make it easier to focus on the right deals anytime, anywhere.

We’ve taken the liberty of giving you a list of value-added reasons why “The World Needs Quote Roller“. The reason why we say the world, is due to the impact its had on small businesses around the world. We aren’t curing cancer or saving kitty cats from tall burning trees, but we value the small business owner trying to compete in a volatile unknown market. Let’s give some reasons why and feel free to chime in and add your two cents:

  • Increased Efficiency
    ~ I am a little biased with this because I am an efficiency FREAK. Any way to cut corners without losing quality and quantity is my forte.  Sending that proposal your “widget-wanting” client wanted can be grueling and a potential unknown. So, with the use of Quote Roller, you can streamline sending multiple proposals online allowing your customers to view or download it within minutes after you’ve hung up the phone (or received an email).
    ~ While you’ve already sent your customer a list of products and services or sent pictures of your work, your competitor is still typing his in a Word document, continuously spell checking and trying to find his latest pricing sheet, your already 2-3 proposals deep with other customers.
    ~ A library of free proposal templates is always a nice way to help you get started and get off the ground quickly, but it also gives you the ability to be consistent with your product details and descriptions.
  • Competitiveness
    ~ You’ve received an RFP. The customer is leveraging a another quote from a known competitor. How do you send the message that your products and services are the best? Well, send them a proposal through Quote Roller. Show them how ‘hip’ you are and show off with some flare with videos, pictures and interactive content. Better yet, give them the opportunity to close the deal by signing and approving the proposal online with an E-Signature. Show them how cool your business is and how you’ve incorporated cutting-edge technology into your business model. Every feature you flaunt and use to your advantages shows your customer how committed you are to your business and acquiring new business.
  • Focus
    ~ What if you had the gift of knowing what your customer thinks about your products, services or even pricing? Would you feel empowered and predict earthquakes? Well, we hope not, but we do hope that you will make better business decision by knowing which customer is interested in you! With In-Proposal Analytics, you have the ability (magical powers not included) to know when and IF your customer opened your proposal or quote. Rather than the old-school method of ‘hail mary’ proposal sending, know when they looked at it and what they looked at the most. This will help you strategically plan how you will approach your customer. If you send a large volume of proposals to customers, why not focus on the ones that opened it multiple times or viewed the pricing on several occasions? Would that inspire you to call your customer with a question specific to what they were viewing the most? Analytics are one of the most important factors in the sales world. Data is key and gives you ‘ammo’ on how to approach the sale.
  • Paperless
    ~ I’m no tree-hugger, but why not leave a few for the future? On a serious note, the way we do business has changed. Anytime someone prints something that really didn’t need to be printed, it makes you wonder all of the ink, paper, toner, power and who knows what else was wasted. Going green is awesome for the environment, but realistically, it saves all of us thousands by not having to manage all of those printers and have to mimic the scene from Office Space to make our lives easier.
  • Need Another Reason?
    Use Quote Roller and find out how many other ways you can grow your business on your own.
We would LOVE to hear from you and how Quote Roller has helped you grow your business. Send us an email testimonial to info@quoteroller.com and enter the Subject: My Story. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!


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